To have the ability to adapt to changes faster, to build your confidence, and to have a sustainable growth in your self-improvement journey, you need to invest in yourself.

The energy you put into the process of investing in yourself will determine the quality of your life and your future. It’s the surest way to achieve your dreams, be successful, and improve your productivity. And overall become more satisfied with your life. 

An important thing to make note of is that before starting to invest in yourself, you need to be aware of the things you wish to accomplish. Sit back, reflect on the things you have now, your attitude towards things. And then see what you have to work on in order to have the things you’ve wished for. And here are a few ways you can start to invest in yourself: 

Develop your skills | Invest in Yourself

Start working on the skills YOU need in order to make your dreams and goals a reality. Before doing so, you have to be aware of the things you need to improve. If your goal is to be given a promotion at work, you would have to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses. If the new role would be needing a persona that is proficient in Excel, and you think you might be lacking the skills, it means you would have to work a little harder on mastering it. Or if your goal in life is to be happier, you would have to see what things bring you joy and the things that don’t. Then you would have to analyse the state of your mindset. You have to see where the setbacks are and then slowly but surely work on them for improvement. To have a sense of development you must always be learning and be aware. Aware of the things that you are lacking and learning how to adapt to better approaches and circumstances. 

Nurture your mind and body | Invest in Yourself

For you to achieve what you’ve planned you need to be in the right place and mindset. This means to always check in with yourself. See how you are feeling, what are you eating, how are you moving. Seek the things that bring you joy to have the desire to move with grace in life. Move your body in a way that gives you energy and makes you want to travel the world and back. Nurture your body with the right foods, but also seek a balance. You’ve noticed when you feel good inside and out, you have a new found power that makes you feel like you can conquer everything and everyone. 

Take care of yourself

Take time to properly tend to yourself. Make sure you have a somewhat balance between work and your personal life. Sometimes that line grows thinner and we don’t see how it can affect us over time. Create a self care day for yourself. Where you reflect on the things you’ve done so far. Where you check in with yourself and see what you need to have a more fulfilling life. 

Fuel your hobbies

Sometimes we’re so swept up in our responsibilities that we forget the things that give us pleasure. We forget the hobbies we have. This is a great way to invest in yourself. By doing the things that give you pleasure, your life can be a little easier. Also, it gives you the push to further work on what you want to achieve. Like mixing work with pleasure 😉

You need to set smart goals

This makes your life much easier and it gives you the ability to truly invest in things and in yourself. Seeing exactly what you want to achieve, gives you that drive to work. Your goals need to be attainable, specific, measurable, relevant and time bound. If you decide to work on achieving a promotion, you need to make an action plan. See if the goal is relevant to your values, if it’s specific and align with your wishes. See if it’s attainable, if not see on what you need to work on to make it so. And take note of the time frame, this can help you decide if it’s worth pursuing it or not. Even so, this makes the process of investing and working on yourself, much linear and wholesome. 

Investing in yourself is truly the first step into shaping your future the way you want it. The energy you spend on bettering yourself will bring you closer to your dreams and goals. Making small, continuous improvements enables you to do more and grow more. This brings more positive opportunities and positive long-term changes. To have the motivation and inspiration to keep on this journey browse my blog. I’m sure you’ll find something that resonates with whatever stage you are in your journey. 

Progress means development towards an improved or a more advanced condition. It’s easy to feel stuck and not acknowledge all the great things you’ve accomplished so far. 

Even if you don’t notice your improvements on a daily basis, just know that you’re making progress in life. You are not where you were yesterday and definitely won’t be in the same place tomorrow. On times when you are feeling stuck and not sure if the path you are on is right, it’s best to sit back, take a deep breath and reflect. Reflect on the amazing things you’ve managed to achieve so far. 

Remember everyone moves at different paces. Where you are now might not be the same place a dear friend is at. Or vice versa. We are all different, from our interests, passions, values, and goals that we set in life. It’s time for you to start affirming your progress in life. I’ve put together my best proven to work 25 affirmations that keep me going and I’m sure they will too. Download them for FREE to get started 😉

But, when you sit back and reflect on the amazing things you’ve achieved, what should you focus on? Here are 5 signs you’re making progress in life:

You start to accept failure

You’re no longer scared to fail – actually, you’re eager to see what failure can teach you. This is one of the main indicators that development is happening. Embrace the chance of failure when you try something new. Welcome learning with open arms. 

You have a new sense of confidence | Progress

You’re no longer afraid to try new things and approaches. Apart from not seeing failure as your number one enemy, you now have the confidence to tackle new challenges. Even if you don’t have all the resources when approaching new things you are confident in your strengths and you are sure that somehow things will work out for the better. And you embrace change wholeheartedly.

The future makes more sense | Progress

Your future doesn’t seem so foggy now. You are in charge of your goals and dreams. And you are starting to work on them. You don’t have that feeling of an uncertain future. You made your action plan and you are slowly working towards achieving your dreams. Even if you are moving at a slower pace sometimes, that’s also an improvement. And it shows that you are consistent and certain about what you want in life. 

You are more positive and healthy

Another important indicator of making progress in life is your mood and your health. You are making healthier choices, and you are moving your body more. And you are not criticizing yourself. Actually you are viewing yourself on a positive note. Your mindset is on a positive note. You surround yourself with positive people and experiences, and you take pleasure in life. 

You are willing to sit back and reflect

If you’ve made it so far, it means you are truly making progress. You are on the right path of self-development. Even when you are feeling stuck you have the power to sit back and reassess the path you are on. And reflect on what actions you took and what led you to feeling stuck. This means you acknowledge your thoughts and feelings and situations and you seek to learn from them. Because every thought, feeling and situation is telling you something and you are willing to actually sit back and listen. 

Little steps, daily actions, the willingness to never stop and a focused mindset are what keeps you working towards your dreams. Celebrate even the smallest moments and achievements. This will make you more happy with the path you are on, and will give you that extra push to move forward. 

An important thing to always remember is that no matter where you are in your journey, you have to move forward. Stop looking at what other people are doing and just focus on what you want in life and your happiness. No one will give you these things, YOU have to search for them and work on them. No one can show you the right way to self-development, but you can take inspiration from other people and assess what aligns with your mission and values. 

If you can’t relate to all of the signs, it’s time for you to start affirming your progress in life. I’ve put together my best proven to work 25 affirmations that keep me going and I’m sure they will too. Download them for FREE to get started 😉

Hydrated hair during Summer is quite a goal, right? All the high temperatures, the UV rays you expose your hair to during Summer can produce damage and dehydration to your hair. Trust me, been there, done that. I know how hard it is to make your hair shiny and smooth after a day at the pool. And it’s especially hard if you have dyed hair.

I believe every one of us out there wants her hair to look like a shampoo ad, right? Well, this Summer I’ve discovered the secret for that: Morroccanoil! As long as you maintain your hair fresh with the right products you’ll have no problem in achieving a hydrated hair. Continue reading to uncover my newest routine.

Moroccanoil Hydration set

This Moroccanoil Repair Set is all you need! All the products come in a cute travel bag making everything really aesthetic. These are the only four products that you really need: hydration mask, conditioner, shampoo and a hair treatment.

All of these items are rich in nutrition, offer smoothness and are made to keep your hair frizz free. You can use them on every type of scalp and hair. Also, I promise their scent is incredible. Plus, you’ll see results after the first use. How amazing, right?

The First Step

Before entering the shower brush your hair. You can then abundantly wet it. After your hair is ready, use the Moroccanoil Shampoo. Massage your scalp and take your time. After you’ve cleansed your hair entirely you can rinse it. Make sure you’ve cleaned all the product in it.

The Second step

After you’re done with shampooing, gently squeeze the excess water in your hair. It’s now time to apply the conditioner. Apply the product from the mid-length to the end of your hair. Make sure you’ve applied it and leave it on for 2-3 minutes (I try to do a little meditation whilst I’m at it because my patience is 0). After the time has passed, rinse your hair well and get ready for step three.

The Third step

Your hair is now super clean and you can continue with your normal shower routine. Once you’ve finished, dry your hair a little with on old T-shit (avoid towels as they dry your hair out).

The Fourth step

You can now apply a small amount of the Moroccanoil Treatment to your towel dried hair. Don’t apply it to the roots. Use the product from the mid-length to the ends of your hair. After you’ve finished you can style your hair however you wish.

This hair routine really helped me get through this Summer with healthy and hydrated hair. The heat has always been quite problematic to my hair, therefore I love my newest hair routine. Being able to look this fresh has a great impact on my mood and way of being. Believe it or not, but these products have made wonders for my hair.

Have you tried them? What is YOUR hair routine? Slide in my Instagram (@notagirlygal) DM’s and let me know.

Until next time,

Miss Andrada


I’m obsessed with Summer bags! Since a while now, I started to focus on more premium brands and chose to shop more ethically instead of getting cheaper bags that last about a season or two. The following bags are trendy now and will continue to be seasons to come, so they’re totally worth it! 😉

1. Cross body minis

They are so classy and elegant. They can go with both day & night outfits. For example, this DKNY cross body is immaculate. The details are stunning, and I just love the fact that it’s black and fits with almost everything. Take a look at the details, look how pretty and professional they are. Go for a bag like this and make your outfit look expensive in seconds. Moreover, the gold details are amazing for this Summer; just imagine how pretty they would look on tanned skin. Eeeek! I’m in love!

2. The Tote Bag

Oh Marc Jacobs, you’ve successfully amazed me again. I simply love this Tote Bag. Its simplicity makes it perfect for a day out. However, I like the fact that it can be worn during the evening too. You can casually style this bag and make it look amazing. All I have in mind when I look at this bag is a white monochrome outfit. A pretty dress, a statement hat, some sandals and this beauty of a bag putting everything together. I don’t know if you can read my enthusiasm, but I’ve decided that this is one of the Summer bags I need in my wardrobe!

3. The Snapshot

Marc Jacobs just won’t let us down this Summer. Pretty and minimal, this snapshot bag is the key to a casual night out. You can only fit the necessities in it. It’s actually a benefit because you won’t carry too many things with you. Also, its shape can make a fit look so interesting. I believe that even if it’s black and quite simple, it also looks like a statement piece. I can imagine myself wearing a black classy jumpsuit accompanied by this bag. How pretty right?

4. Picnic Mini Tote

This pink Picnic Mini Tote bag from Guess is making me dream of relaxing days! It’s perfect for a brunch, a casual day out, events during the day, literally everything. Even if you can easily style it with jeans, I believe this bag is made to be worn with dresses. The simplicity of the bag offers you the possibility to choose the most detailed dresses; which is nice considering people tend to wear more colourful clothes during Summer. This Mini Tote will make your fit look chic and trendy even if you didn’t feel like dressing up!

5. Jacquemus

This miniature bag is literally everything. I can see it with a minimal outfit, but accompanied by statement jewellery. I love how simple, buy still elegant it looks. After all, we all need a piece like this in our wardrobe. You can style it easily even if we’re talking about day or night. It’s an easy and smart choice. Actually, this bag inspires me to dress street casual. What do you think?

6. The Straw Bag

When it comes to Straw Bags, you won’t have to search for designers. Why? You might ask. Well, Straw Bags are often sold in different shapes and models by people that handmade them. The internet is full with these type of bags. They look wonderful if you’re going out on a hot day of Summer. Moreover, just imagine what a wonderful and fashionable outfit you can create for a beach day if you chose this type of bag as an accessory. I simply love this aesthetic. It will make you look natural, chic and feminine.

All things considered, I am a Summer bags fanatic but it’s nothing wrong with that (at least I think that). Bags are such beautiful and feminine accessories and I love how they can change an entire outfit.

Which one is your favourite and how would you style it? Slide in my Instagram DM’s (@notagirlygal) and let me know.

Until next time,

Miss Andrada


What are the best high street fashion buys for Spring 2021 and how to easily improve your own style?

I remember the time when I used to see how key the S/S season was in every fashion magazine I bought. The shoes, dresses and accessories I used to thrive for and how nice was to develop my very own style whilst inspired by them. I grew up watching fashion influencers become icons.

I believe style plays such an important role in contouring a personality and in expressing yourself. Therefore, I have prepared this article for every fashionista at heart. I made lots of research and put together some of the most wanted high end fashion street buys S/S 2021. Continue reading to discover the best items to buy this Spring.

THE silk dress

You can never go wrong with THE silk dress. The first wave of the silk dresses trend was actually back in the 90s and it could be found on every red carpet. Celebrities like Rihanna wore it and completely brought life to it.

Nowadays, we wear silk dresses pretty differently and fashion icons adapted it for the times we live in. For example, if you are going for a classy and elegant look you can wear a red velvet silk dress with some refined pearls as accessories. You will look powerful and trendy at the same time.

However, if you are going for a quite casual look, wearing a green-toned silk dress with a cozy cardigan is the right look for you. The cardigan will keep you warm and casual and the dress will complete the look with a touch of elegance and femininity.

A pop of yellow

Another one of the best high street fashion buys S/S 2021 I recommend trying is wearing a yellow piece.

Firstly, yellow is the colour of happiness and you can’t argue with me that this colour doesn’t go perfectly with the S/S fashion.

A colour as bright and radiant will complete your look and will totally define your whole outfit.

For example, wearing a yellow suit accompanied by a same colour bag will make your outfit pop and glow. You are totally taking a risk with this fit. It can either go wonderfully or horribly, there’s now way in between. But isn’t this how fashion works?

Although, if you are looking for something safer you can never go wrong with yellow and brown tones. Even if yellow and brown seem to remind people of Autumn, wearing the right pieces and choosing the right textures will do you good. You can pick a yellow skirt so you make a statement and a brown toned blazer to cool things down.


2020-2021 is the time when women all over the world chose to be natural. The Instagram brows became as natural as possible, the dark and toned contouring also cooled and people now tend to choose just a touch of contour to define their features. Also, wearing blush is much more trendier than it used to be.

All of these changes made femininity and purity quite a trend in 2021. Women chose to embrace their more natural selves and to exploit their angelic features.

Therefore, white and sandy colours are now more fashionable than ever. Choosing to wear a ruffle white dress will make you look feminine and classy at the same time. Also, because of how pure the colour is, the whole outfit should make you look heavenly.

You will never do wrong with this type of fit because it makes you stand out throughout its simplicity.

Pastel looks

Pastel looks are completely one of the best high street fashion buys S/S 2021.

Pastels have been in the game for quite a long time. But one things is for sure, third time we use this expression, let’s change a pastel look, especially in 2021.

A baby blue pastel suit provides you many different ways of styling it.

You can either go for an elegant look and style the suit with a dazzling pair of sandals. Or, you can style it with some beautifully and more coloured pair of sneakers. It’s up to you!

Pretty in pink

The Chanel 2021 spring fashion show thought us how to perfectly put in place an amazing and up to date pink outfit.

Go for pink trousers and style them with a top in the same colour. You can always add accessories and details in different tones of the colour that you’ve chosen to complete your look.

Also, associating a colour as gentle as pink with some chains totally makes a statement. Try it yourself and enjoy how powerful you’ll feel.

All things considered, those were my 5 best high street fashion buys S/S 2021. What a controversial season I must say. What is your opinion on it and what would you add to my list?


Miss Andrada

Fringe boots are such a trend since ages now; I remember browsing through Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire in my teenage years and wanted a pair of them so bad. Nevertheless, they can elevate an outfit and make you feel super stylish – like you’ve just walked out of a fashion magazine. Let’s have a look at the tips you need right now to ensure you’re wearing them in the best possible way. Also, remember to let your style shine through while wearing them.

Keep your outfit to a minimum 

Fringe boots are honestly a walking show. Therefore, you don’t want to be wearing a heavy outfit because the final results won’t be stylish at all. Instead, consider wearing a white dress – like the one I’m wearing below or a mono-chrome outfit (think about shorts & a shirt or a skirt & a simple top). 

Furthermore, depending on the colour of your boots, you can think of a colour palette that will suit. For brown and white boots, I suggest either white or nude; for black boots, I think a black outfit will suit you the best. 

Consider minimalistic accessories

When styling fringe boots, a plain belt can do the job! Also, if you’re wearing a dress, accessorising with a belt will make your silhouette more visible. 

Moreover, the trick when wearing fringe boots is to create a nice effect on the upper side of your body. As we’ve seen, you don’t want to over do it with the accessories. Thus, go for a plain belt and an accentuated waist. 

Choosing the right bag

I love to break the style and add something different to it with an unique bag. Nevertheless, the bag that I’m talking about is a transparent ‘crocodile’ skin clutch which is held by a beautiful silver chain. 

I don’t know about you, but… I love to stand out, with my style and my personality. So, it makes sense for me to be wearing weird accessories and sometimes a bit crazy outfits. I encourage you to do the same. If you feel like it, show off your personality.

The attitude you need to wear

You need to be wearing these boots with confidence. Confidence in yourself and in the fact that you look gorgeous. Some people might like to pick on you because let’s face it, they’re quite unusual. I surely had people asking me about my choices, but at the end of the day, all I care about is feeling 100% in what I wear. If I do, the rest don’t really matter. 

Places to wear fringe boots

Since they’re not suitable to any occasion, you might be wondering where about I’m currently wearing my fringe boots. I tend to wear them when I walk around parks, whilst I’m shopping, on rooftops and when I’m meeting friends for lunch. 

These are more daily activities because I feel they look much better when worn in an outfit designed to be worn during daylight. 

Hope you enjoyed my tips on styling fringe boots and that you’ll look forward to wearing your pair very soon. 

Have you considered jumping on this fringe boots trend? Just let me know in the comment section below because I love to be hearing from you. 

Thank you,


Although we shouldn’t go out and about at the moment, we can still plan our favourite outfits in our minds and wear them indoors or when we’re running round the corner to the shops. The biggest 12 Spring/Summer 2020 trends this season made me fall back in love with floral dresses, polka dots, power suits and high shoulders. These styles are so versatile, they’ll make you want to wear everything at once!

Spring/Summer 2020 Trend 1: The Power of Print 

The Flower Power are calling and they really want their prints back! This season, the patterns are quite soft – they’re not as loud and as supra-dimensional as I would like them to be, but they have something special & unique about them for sure. The tones are earthy & they’re waiting to be paired with some sexy sandals.

Zara Mini-Dress – available here

Spring/Summer 2020 Trend 2: Colour Splash

Loud colours are back: bright reds, yellow, green, orange and shades of pink. My personal favourite? This orange Zara suit has my heart. Pair them with beautiful pumps or high heeled sandals and get ready to rock the city streets or the office.

Zara Blazer – available here

Zara Pants – available here

Spring/Summer 2020 Trend 3: Polka Dot Moments 

Polka dots are in the spotlight this season and if you remember the Zara dress that made the headlines in 2019, I’m sure you’re not even a tiny bit surprised. Have fun with this trend, mix bigger polka dots on your top with small ones on your skirt or the other way around. 

Zara Dress – available here

Spring/Summer 2020 Trend 4: Leather Time

Leather is always around in style somehow – by that I’m mainly referring to the faux leather fabrics made so popular by fashion mansions and loads of influencers on Instagram. I don’t know about you, but I’m a massive fan of leather shorts / skirts and biker jackets! Let’s rock these this season.

Spring/Summer 2020 Trend 5: Enter the boot camp

Soldier boots anyone? This season we see the reinvention of the boot, mixed with feminine dresses and skirts. Keeping a balance, right? As far as I’m concerned, I love to adapt a rock style & sexy style all together, rather than having a very feminine dress on mixed with boots. It might be not very suitable for myself, I enjoy more of a consistency of the look. Give me boots in any shape or form at ANYTIME!

Spring/Summer 2020 Trend 6: Safari Trip

If you’ve never been on a real safari, this season will give you all the inspo you need to go on one. The textures are varied from matt to more shiny, from harder fabrics to flowy. There’s literally something for the pickiest of fashion lovers. For me, matt shirt in forest green would always be the winner.


Spring/Summer 2020 Trend 7: Pastel O’Clock 

Pastels are in this season as every Spring. However, we can see a certain emphasis on lilac and yellow. The question is will you be meeting the girls for brunch in a pastel suit?

Spring/Summer 2020 Trend 8: Sheer Romance 

Both sexy and quite tricky to wear, sheer fabrics made a comeback this season. Adapt them to everyday life by wearing silk tops underneath. Keep the sheer mystery.

Spring/Summer 2020 Trend 9: Whites Are Still In

White dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, long trousers – ah the wonderful world of cotton or silk in white. An absolute summer dream. Say ‘yes’ to pure beauty and wear all white this summer when you take long walks on the beach or ride a vespa on the Italian coast.

Spring/Summer 2020 Trend 10: Broderie Anglaise Anyone?

Take me to Monaco wearing broderie anglaise and I would be the happiest. There’s something so luxurious about this lace that I can’t say no to. I haven’t found the perfect top for me just yet, but trust me I’m on the hunt.

Spring/Summer 2020 Trend 11: Accentuated Waist

If you haven’t been accentuating your waist, then it’s the perfect time to start. Wide belts are very in, but don’t think that a narrower belt can’t do the trick. In styling, it’s all about creating a certain silhouette and this is the oldest and probably easiest trick to do so.

Spring/Summer 2020 Trend 12: Baby Girl Pinks

All shades of pink are allowed this season, but especially baby pinks. Have fun with this colour and adapt it to your own style. I’m super happy to see this trend and already have some ideas on putting together the cutest outfits.

These were the biggest 12 Spring/Summer 2020 trends this season that I’ve been loving so far. Be bold & happy to try new trends only if these really represent who you are and your style. Have fun with fashion, after all it’s a form of creativity and self-expression.

Until next time,

NotAGirlyGal (Andrada)

I’m writing this early in the morning, while hearing the birds singing and looking outside the window at the winter sun, thinking that it’s not too long now until Spring will start delighting us. Until then, there’s one day that some people might celebrate and some might not. For my ladies who will decide to celebrate their love for themselves, for their partners, family or best friends, I welcome you to my latest post on how to dress for Valentine’s Day in 2020.

You’re probably looking at your screen thinking ‘not another shopping related post’. If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you probably know that I’m not constantly shopping for new items, but sometimes I think having something new feels good. At the moment, I only buy clothes that are unique and look interesting to me. It’s all in the details, babe, because quite frankly and luckily enough, I don’t need anything else as I’m sure most girls don’t actually need to splurge on fashion every week. A few weeks ago, knowing that my shoe collection wasn’t as strong on the summer side, I’ve decided to get a few pairs (at once), but also get some accessories as well while I was at it. Here we are now, we’re looking at the current must haves for Summer 2019!