Hello girls,

Welcome back to my Beauty Series! Today we’re doing something a little bit more different – I’m testing out the raved about Foreo Luna Play Plus brush, does it really work or is it just a too well marketed product? Since all influencers had their hands on it, I couldn’t help, but see for myself if the reviews are being honest or not.

The first thing I’ve noticed about the brush is that its main bristles are really unexpectedly soft. I’m so happy they’re made this way because harsh bristles can leave red marks on my face (as I noticed). So far, so good! If I’m looking to clean my nose area for example with harsher bristles, I’ll use the top part of the brush. It’s an amazing balance.

Foreo Luna Play Plus NotAGirlyGal Notino.jpg

Using the brush

It’s super easy to use the brush! You basically apply your cleanser on the wet brush and start cleaning your face throughly at morning & night. The Foreo Luna Play Plus comes with a Foreo cleansing gel, however I still use my own Dermalogica one as I’m under a skincare treatment at the moment. The Foreo gel is actually really good because it’s not drying my skin out and works wonders with the brush. The brush comes in different colours and they’re not coded according to skin type, unlike the other Foreo brushes, so I could get mine in Fuchsia and you can get yours in any fun colour you like (they have a Mint one which is quite unique too).

Does it actually work? 

I’ve been using it for the last three weeks and besides feeling that the brush is really getting deep into my pores and cleanse my skin, I noticed that my skin’s appearance is becoming brighter. Another skincare issue I’m confronting with is unexpected pimples that have no intention to disappear off my face. Somehow (don’t ask me how because it left me a little bit speechless), this brush is drying off my pimples and heals them from outside. Are these sonic cleanser brushes going to help acne prone skin? Thank Universe, YES! For me, the brush works wonders and I’m seriously considering purchasing the bigger version soon.

Foreo Does it work Luna Play Plus Notino NotAGirlyGal

Should you buy it?

Depending on what you want to achieve with your cleansing regime; if you’re after deep cleanse and treat spots, then this brush is for you. Fore states that this brush is the affordable, almost the ‘try out version’ of their brushes. The Foreo Luna Play Plus is only £45 on Notino – basically the price of a one time facial, so you can consider this an investment in your skincare routine. If you love it as much as I do, you can always take the splurge on the bigger version! As far as I’m concerned, I actually travelled to France with it because my skincare routine is dependent on it – try it for yourself and you’ll never go back to traditional washing your face.

Foreo Luna Play Plus Notino NotAGirlyGal Does it work.jpg

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you’ll join the Foreo Club soon.

How do you currently wash your face? Would you consider using a device to clear out your pores? 🙂

Lots of Love,