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Considering how challenging the times we are living in can be, I’ve picked the best 10 pandemic hobbies for you. Regain your hope and inspiration by trying new things you might fall in love with.

Usually, hobbies are such a great way of breaking through the daily routine. Trying some relaxing and energising activities will do great for your well-being.

The Covid-19 pandemic affected every single one of us in different ways. Therefore, we must somehow manage our schedule in order to find some time for ourselves and our needs. Moreover, considering how much time we spend indoors in the same environment, we need some distractions from our daily routines.

I’m now going to start my list of ‘pandemic hobbies’, you can try some of them and see which one fits you right. Do some good to yourself and your mental health!

1. Photography

Actually, photography might be a great activity for every social media lover (guilty as charged!). Through photography you can find beauty in everything, including in the simplicity of your own home.

While you spend your time indoors, you can experience with flat lays, themed photoshoots or even portraits. Choose your props, fix the lighting and create a photo studio in your own bedroom.

Even since the pandemic started, I have seen lots of beautiful people taking their very own pictures, professionally or not. You can play with the lights and choose a different aesthetic for your shooting every time.

After all, play both roles (model and photographer) and level up your content creation game.

2. Writing

If you’re feeling inspired and creative, writing can be your best choice from my list of pandemic hobbies.

Even if we are talking about starting your very own book or only journaling, writing can be a great way of letting it all out.

If you want to start your own novel, it will be a great way of escaping reality in your own fictional universe. You can create characters that can each reflect your emotions and your different experiences. Moreover, after finishing your creation you can celebrate this new achievement and also enjoy making other people happy with your very own universe.

3. Sewing

Who doesn’t want to become their own fashion designer?

As a new hobby, you can start learning how to sew. Just imagine how many benefits come with the ability to sew. First of all, you can always alter and repair your clothes, maybe once you get better you can start revamping other clothes and personalize them.

This way, you can start making clothes specially made for you and your personal style and taste. Be different and steal the spotlight!

4. Watching TV-shows or movies

Watching television isn’t as unhealthy as media made it look in the past few years. After all, you can find lots of tv-shows and movies with great topics. Moreover, by watching high quality movies you can still learn lots of things and spend your extra time doing something that relaxes you.

Actually, you can make a list with every movie you once wanted to see but never did. Also, include every category of movies in your list. I did that one Summer and I’m so happy I got to watch all the classics. Once you’ve finished it, you can for sure say that you now know your taste and feel achieved that you found the time to complete seeing these special movies you always wanted to try.

5. Painting

Painting is such a relaxing and beautiful way of spending your extra time. Anyone can do it, even if many people admit that they can’t even draw a straight line. Once you learn at least the basic science of colours, you can let your imagination flow and create personal masterpieces inspired by your own emotions.

You can try abstract art and try giving life to all of your emotions, after you finish you will feel stress free and relieved.

Painting often has the same effects on humans as journaling and expressing their feelings throughout writing.

6. Working out

If you always wanted to make a change in your physical look, a pandemic time is great for starting to work out. First of all, working out has an impressive effect of your not only physical but also mental health. While achieving the body you’ve always dreamed about, you can also improve your state of mind.

Also, finding a trainer for this type of activity is not hard at all. Nowadays the internet is full of young and experienced trainers willing to share their passion with everyone interested.

Bring the gym to you by following some great and educational work out YouTube videos.

7. Reading

One of the many amazing pandemic hobbies is reading. It is proven that, reading is therapeutic and stress relieving.

Chose one topic that intrigues you the most and read some bestsellers that will completely change your perspective on life. Escape in a fictional universe and train your mind at the same time.

However, if you don’t have a personal favourite category of books, you can try completing a list of 100 books to read in a lifetime. Explore the masterpieces made throughout time and feel achieved once you finished it!

Do it for you and only you!

8. Hiking

Even if the word “pandemic” instantly makes you think of indoors, you can go hiking during these hard times. Moreover, you can escape the dangers and agglomeration of the city and escape somewhere natural. Enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful landscapes.

9. Learning a new language

I believe everyone fell in love with at least one foreign country or city, with its culture and history and even its language. For instance, if Rome is your favourite city, why not learn Italian?

Accomplish one of your goals and enjoy the time you spend while doing it. In the end, you will find yourself more focused and also with having gained a new skill.

After the pandemic ends, visit that place that stole your heart and become a part of it showing your appreciation by learning its language.

10. Baking

It seems that people enjoy cooking and baking much more these days. By trying this pandemic hobby you can also be productive, have fun and in the end enjoy an amazing meal you made.

You can try those recipes you always loved and moreover, you can try many new and innovating ways of cooking and combining products.

Have fun and perfect yourself in this beautiful art.

Lastly, I hope that you’re going to try a couple of these pandemic hobbies and that you’re going to have a wonderful time whilst ‘escaping the world’. What’s your favourite from the list?

Women empowerment is so important these days, therefore I’ve decided to share with you how to feel inspired again in 5 easy steps.

Firstly, we all have those weird days when we feel uninspired and perhaps unmotivated. You might even sit there debating whether you lost the passion you once had. Not to worry. It’s completely normal to come across ups and downs in your professional and personal life. It’s all about getting back on feeling inspired again and starting all over!

I believe that you can never really lose your spark forever, sometimes it is just a matter of time until you find yourself again. It’s important that you never lose hope and maybe start trying some simple but affective exercises to stimulate your inspiration.

To get out of your inspiration blockage, you have to find some simple ways that can improve your creativity and boost your inspiration on a daily basis. Let’s explore these today!

Break the monotony

You wake up in the morning and follow the same steps you always do. And without knowing it, you fall into a daily routine. Why can it become unhealthy?

Well, it’s proven that changing your routine can do wonders for your inspiration. Repeating the same actions every day of your life can become exhausting really fast and moreover, is extremely unproductive.

Therefore, doing something new every day can increase your level of performance and productivity. Without hesitation, you will find your inspiration in simple things that you can add in your daily schedule.

For example, reading a new and exciting book can improve your creativity. You can find inspiration in one of the characters and in their stories. Let yourself go with the flow at least 30 minutes each day.

Actually, next time you are feeling uninspired don’t just accept the situation. Chose to do something a little bit different than you usually do. Also, a change of scenery is always welcomed.

Have you ever considered undertaking a course in something you enjoy? This can be a great way to break the routine. It’s all about the things you like and would love to do. Learning a new skill can improve your happiness and well-being.

Clear your mind

Women empowerment is a strong move at the moment, as it should be and as it should stay forever. Therefore, my next advice in finding inspiration is to clear your mind of all the things us as women need to think about all the time.

Living in a 24 hour society can get overwhelming and exhausting. Little things build up over the day and can easily provoke so much stress. The cities are noisy and can make you feel like you’re always in a rush. Being motivated at work and achieving all your tasks becomes harder and harder each day. Moreover, pleasing everyone drains the energy out of you.

Therefore, clearing your mind at lest 30 minutes everyday will improve your well-being, enthusiasm and inspiration.

Relax and try writing down all of the thoughts that suffocate you. It is proven that writing down your thoughts is therapeutic. Let the past stay in the past and focus on the present, stop overthinking and overwhelming yourself with everything.

However, journaling isn’t for everyone and you can try relaxing in other different ways. Maybe you can make some time for a massage session from time to time. Heal your “wounds” and try focusing on the good in your life.

Also, you can even try meditation. Work on your spiritual self and find your happiness on the way. In the end, it doesn’t matter what you actually do as long as you relax and don’t worry at least 30 minutes everyday.

Remember why you started your journey

If you are in a low point of your professional life and you can’t find a way of continuing, here is your key answer: remember why you started.

Motivate yourself and remember why you started it in the first place. Once you realise how important it used to be back then, you might come back on the right track.

Doing a rewind of your journey will help you realise how much you’ve achieved over the time and how close you are to your goal.

Keep working to fulfil your dreams and passions.

At the end of the day, you had your purpose once you started your adventure. Find it, explore it and even upgrade it. Your inspiration can also be your old self, be your own teacher and keep moving towards the best version of yourself.

Book the ticket and go

As usually, I’m trying to encourage women empowerment as much as I can. Therefore, I am now offering you my 4th advice in finding inspiration. Book that ticket and go, even on your own!

A change of scenery as big as visiting a new place is actually an amazing way of getting that inspiration back!

You can travel somewhere with lots of history and culture. Let yourself relax and also try unleashing the taste of adventure.

Break your routine and wander throughout the streets of a new city. Learn something new from another culture and I promise you will find your inspiration on the way.

Also, travelling is therapeutic from the moment you start your journey to the moment you end it. Reflect on how can you improve yourself in your way and reflect on how much you’ve changed in so little time on your way home.

Eventually, you will return happier and relaxed. All ready to build your way to success!

Connect with other people

Hearing other people’s stories and thoughts can also have a positive effect on your inspiration. Find out what makes other people move on and what motivates them.

You need social interaction in order to live happily and freely.

Therefore, the lack of communication might be the thing that made you lose your inspiration in the first place.

We, as humans need recreational time to spend outside with our loved ones.

You should always make time for socialising. Go out and have dinner somewhere nice, have a laugh, enjoy a good conversation and take some time for yourself. We all need it!

As I said before, women empowerment is extremely important, therefore I am so glad that I’ve shared with you these amazing  5 easy steps for regaining your inspiration. I hope you found them empowering and helpful.

I’m curious about what makes you feel inspired and motivated.

What would your 6th step be? Let me know in the comments below.

Lots of love,