Successful people’s habits can seem a little bit extreme to the rest of the population. However, that doesn’t mean that these don’t work for them. Also, if these habits got them to be where they are now, well, all of us should inspire ourselves from them.

It still amazes me how we all have 24 hours to do something, but it’s what we do with them that matters. Some people manage to fit so many things in their day. While others prefer to be unproductive. Will you take on a new challenge or will you go back to your old ways?

Tony Robbins’ Morning Ritual

The legend! Besides the fact that he doesn’t sleep too much, Tony Robbins is fitter than ever. His morning ritual is very thorough. Firstly, he performs a breathing exercise – about three sets of 30 breaths. In addition, he lifts his hands up in a shoulder press motion. Then, he practices three minutes of gratitude – remembering and reliving three moments in his life. Following this, he visualises a light entering in his body. This light will connect him to the Universe, his loved ones and even with people who’s never met. In particular, I’m a big supporter of this following routine. Tony visualises success: he imagines achieving three of his goals. He visualises how much this will help him, but also others.

Also, I recently started to visualise my success as well. I was VERY SURPRISED to witness amazing results – just like how I’ve envisioned them.

Maria Hazistefani’s Liquid Ambition

Maria is one of the most successful founders from the beauty industry. Also, she is the founder and CEO of her own company, Rodial. Moreover, her other brand, NIP + FAB is equally successful, targeting a younger market.

Successful People's Habits: Top 10 Routines

Over the years, she developed a very productive daily routine. One of the things she loves to do is to wake up early. In effect, that will offer her time for herself. In particular, I love that she is drinking hot water with lemon and a shot of organic espresso first thing in the morning. With this in mind, I started doing the exact same thing! I feel peaceful and super ready to action my day. You should definitely try it for yourself.

Gary Vee’s 3-4 minute meetings

Yes, you’ve read that right. Gary Vaynerchuk, co-founder of Vayner Media, holds three-four minute meetings. In fact, he runs a very busy daily schedule. No wonder he needs to be productive. If three minute meetings sound a bit extreme for you, try to reduce your 1h meetings to 30 minutes and your 30 minutes ones to 15 minutes.

Nevertheless, your time is money. Your time is precious. Don’t allow others to waste it in endless meetings or other circumstances. Focus on increasing your productivity.

Focus on being productive instead of busy

This one’s from the master of productivity, Tim Ferris. He recommends that you measure the results of your actions – time and money. Handling e-mails for countless hours does not make you productive. Although, you might feel like it. Instead, he is checking emails once every few days and came to realise that his business CAN run without him. Also, he did build a business that can survive without his immediate input by giving more ownership to his employees.

Successful People's Habits: Top 10 Routines

Nevertheless, try to trust people more at work. If you’re not a business owner, even as a manager, trust your colleagues more. Great leaders empower others and let them take their own decisions. You will enjoy time to focus on being more productive and creative while sharing the workload.

There is a lot to be learned from successful people’s habits, so keep on reading to get more inspired ✨

Successful people don’t give others the opportunity to say ‘No’

They are their biggest supporters. They would not take no for an answer. Furthermore, they will do everything they can to influence people’s answers and turn them in their favour. Or they will try again another time.

That means creating more opportunity for themselves. If a door slams now, successful people will not give up. They will try again, again and again. Until they succeed.


Avoid things in excess

These people avoid anything in excess, including the fun things. Excesses are just going to bring you down. Furthermore, they will make you lose sight of the things you already have. Some people associate success with excess buying or excess working – none of these are healthy for you.

Instead, focus on having a good balance in your life. Eat healthy, but have your cheat days as well. Exercise, but rest when your muscles require you to do so. More importantly, work but know when you need to take breaks. You will feel so empowered and ready to action your day.

They are open to criticism

Successful people created a habit of being open to criticism from qualified individuals. I don’t believe that everyone has the entitlement to criticise someone’s work, contrary to the popular opinion. Also, taking opinions from everyone will only confuse you. Instead, take feedback from people who’ve already made it or from people who have knowledge in your industry. It will help you so much more! We all have an opinionated friend. But, that doesn’t mean we should listed to him – most of the times these people have no clue about what we’re doing in our work anyway.

They work when they’re most effective

This is one of the most important successful people’s habits. They work when they’re most effective. This links to the tip above about focusing on being productive instead of being busy.

Furthermore, working when you’re most effective will improve your performance and will make you happier. Although, this might not be applicable while in the office, it is to your side projects.

They throw themselves out there

Successful people don’t spend time questioning themselves. They feel the fear and do it anyway. Also, there’s something so powerful in this statement. Focus on your end goal and try to not spend too much time thinking why you can’t do it.

Successful People's Habits: Top 10 Routines

They have multiple incomes

Remember this: most successful people have multiple income streams. Besides running their own businesses or being employed by huge companies, successful people might be involved in Real Estate, investments, online courses and many other streams.

I would highly recommend to start thinking about your options. What are you good at, besides your day job / career?

These were successful people’s habits that I find super inspiring. I hope these will help you achieve your dreams and create a life you love.

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