How to discover your true potential? Sounds quite challenging. However, at some point in your life you might ask yourself this question.

Reaching your true potential comes with great self-awareness, therefore you should first decide on the goals you want to accomplish during your lifetime. Then, it’s about finding that inner drive to reach them.

You’re unique and worthy in your own special way. Achieving your real potential becomes a must if you want to live a life you’ll be proud of.

I’ve put together some steps that you can follow in order to discover your true potential. Be optimistic and never stop believing. Continue reading and let’s start this journey together.

1. Become self-aware

It’s important for you to know your value. Knowing that no one in this whole world is YOU is a total confidence booster. Right?! Take a pen and paper and write down all of your dreams and wishes. These aspirations of yours have a lot to say about your true self. After you’ve finished, turn the paper on the other side and write down all of your traits.

Now, you can better see what you desire from life and the skills you own that can help you achieve your goals.

Also, another way to become self aware is to start meditating and practicing mindfulness. Focus on yourself and on your thoughts. If you can relax and start being aware of who you really are, discovering your true potential will be much more easier.

2. Become conscious

The second step in this whole challenge is to become conscious – you are now starting your personal growth journey. Find your motivation and all of your ambition and just START. If you decide it’s the right time to discover your true potential, nothing should make you turn around and leave this challenge for later.

You can start reading inspiring articles and books, maybe you can even listen to other people’s journeys on a podcast. I recommend ‘On Purpose’ by Jay Shetty, ‘The Gary V Audio Experience’ by Gary V, ‘Love Yourself Fiercely’ by my dear friend Kelly Rolfe. Actually, you can find your inspiration everywhere, all you have to do is to start searching for it.

3. Face your fears

You should be aware that in order to discover your true potential you should also face your fears. Exploring should be part of yourself. Don’t be afraid to join a new path or even try new things. After all, how do you know you’re not good at it if you haven’t tried it? You can try new hobbies and meet new people. All of these are part of your own personal growth and there are a lot of things you will learn from these experiences.

If you start getting to know the world around you, I am 100% sure you will also start discovering your true potential. Considering that on the way you will encounter many challenges and bumps, you will start growing even more beautifully. Don’t be afraid to explore in order to discover your true potential.

4. Find out where your true potential lies

In order to discover your true potential you’ll first have to find out where it lies within you. Many times, young people don’t get to reveal their full potential because they don’t know where to look for it. That’s why you have to explore your traits and skills as much as you can. For example, you are working in vain if you are trying to achieve your full potential in music, if your potential actually lies in your business skills.

You’ll have to research a lot in order to find this treasure called “potential” but in the end, it’s all worth it.

Don’t let yourself discouraged if you can’t find it from the first tries. No one said it’s going to be easy. All you have to do is to be ambitious and to follow the steps.

5. Don’t be afraid to follow your greatest potential after you’ve discovered it

When you finally find where your true potential lies and you start exploiting it, you will feel more accomplished, more alive and more HAPPY!

Exploiting and discovering it will not do anything but good to you and to your personal growth. Some people might probably try to discourage you. Despite their intentions, you should only listen to your heart and to the positive people around you.

Think about it this way – living your potential will make you become the best version of yourself. Don’t waste time in a career that doesn’t suit you and don’t underestimate your power to succeed. Ever!

All things considered, even if the road to success is paved with struggles, doubts and uncertainties, you should believe in yourself. You can do it! Moreover, you should get up and discover your true potential on the way!

Until next time,

Miss Andrada


How to achieve your goals in 5 easy steps? Continue reading to uncover some amazing 5 tips I’ve put together for you.

Sometimes life is all about achieving your goals, either they are big or small. You can’t deny the importance of the things you thrive for and wish for you to happen. After all, having a set of goals also improves your motivation.

Having the ambition to set your goals and then to start accomplishing them is quite hard to find. However, this whole process is important in the development of a human being.

Did you achieve your goals in 2020? Don’t feel bad if you couldn’t. 2020 was a harsh year for everyone with lots of ups and downs, mostly downs to be fair. There’s no shame you didn’t get to achieve the goals you’ve set for the year, you aren’t the only one. After all, here comes my part in the equation. I wrote this blog in order to help you start achieving your goals and to increase your confidence. Are you ready to start working on the best version of yourself? Here’s for a new begging! 🙂

1. Set your goals straight

The first step in order to achieve your goals is to set them straight. Choose goals that inspire you and that will make a visible difference in your lifestyle. Take all the time you need and realise which are your aspirations in life. The goals you chose will define a noticeable part of yourself.

However, you shouldn’t follow the crowd and believe that what’s best for the people around you is also the best for yourself. As I repeatedly said, you are unique in this world. Therefore, you are the only one who has the power to establish what’s best for yourself.

The goals you are going to set don’t have to be big and crucial, for example if you’re not feeling quite happy at the moment one of your goals can be to increase this feeling of well-being. Therefore, one of your goals can be to start smiling more everyday. As unimportant as it might sound, the little things in life such as smiling are the ones that define our state of mind each day.

2. “Aim high, start low, celebrate and keep going”

I can hardly remember where I’ve first seen this quote, but I find it so inspirational. It is important for you to aim high. Perfection will always be unreachable, however you can always work on improving yourself. Therefore, aiming high will not only give you something to work for, but will help in developing yourself as well. Bold goals will help you reach your full potential and will make you upgrade at every step forward. That’s why I believe in them so much.

However, you have to take your journey step by step. Start from the lowest point of your goal and take it easy. You don’t want to rush things out and to feel like you’re running a marathon. There’s no competition in achieving your goals, that’s why you can take all the time that you need.

After you’ve reached your goal, don’t forget to celebrate. You made it and you deserve a good round of applause! But don’t stop there, set another goal and keep going! Actually, this is how life should work in order to always keep yourself motivated and excited for what’s about to happen next.

3. Confidence is key

Being confident is one big step in achieving your goals. After all, how could you ever make it if even you don’t trust yourself?

Maintaining a strong and positive mindset will help you a lot in your journey of achieving success. Believe it or not, you will never make it if you don’t trust your instincts and your skills. Therefore, confidence will help you throughout this ride you’ve got on. First of all, during this tangled adventure you’ll sometimes encounter bumps and without confidence you won’t be able to move forward.

A great tip I have for you in order to increase your confidence is to start reading at least one inspirational quote every morning. If you start your day with a positive mindset and you continue telling yourself you are good enough, you are going to increase your confidence for sure.

4. Set up your priorities

In order for you to achieve your goals you’ll have to set up your priorities. The hours in a day are limited and knowing how to plan your day will help you a lot in order to be successful. Therefore, you have to get rid of some unimportant tasks and to start focusing more on yourself. As harsh as it may sound, learning how to say no will also improve your time management through this journey.

For example, if a friend asks for a favour and you don’t feel like doing it, moreover if you could do something good for yourself at that moment, gracefully deny its proposal. As I said before, time is crucial in achieving your goals. During the daytime you’ll have to do your job right, spend time with your loved ones and also focus on your well-being.

Before you add something new to your schedule, first ask yourself if you have the time for your priorities, only after that you should accept the proposal!

5. Track your progress

It is important to always know how far you’ve come. In order to keep track of your progress you can start a diary where you can write down all of your completed steps, your ups and your downs. Therefore, the next time you might want to abandon your goal, first check how much you actually did. Keeping this type of diary is actually quite motivational and also inspiring for your future self. When you feel down, just take a look! I promise you’ll be so proud of yourself and of your hard work that you won’t give up!

Moreover, another benefit from tracking your progress is the feeling of happiness you’ll get once you write down another thing you successfully accomplished. So satisfying!

All things considered, achieving your goals isn’t hard as long as you don’t stop believing in yourself! Work for the things you thrive for and achieve success in no time! What’s your piece of advice in achieving goals?

Successful people’s habits can seem a little bit extreme to the rest of the population. However, that doesn’t mean that these don’t work for them. Also, if these habits got them to be where they are now, well, all of us should inspire ourselves from them.

It still amazes me how we all have 24 hours to do something, but it’s what we do with them that matters. Some people manage to fit so many things in their day. While others prefer to be unproductive. Will you take on a new challenge or will you go back to your old ways?

Tony Robbins’ Morning Ritual

The legend! Besides the fact that he doesn’t sleep too much, Tony Robbins is fitter than ever. His morning ritual is very thorough. Firstly, he performs a breathing exercise – about three sets of 30 breaths. In addition, he lifts his hands up in a shoulder press motion. Then, he practices three minutes of gratitude – remembering and reliving three moments in his life. Following this, he visualises a light entering in his body. This light will connect him to the Universe, his loved ones and even with people who’s never met. In particular, I’m a big supporter of this following routine. Tony visualises success: he imagines achieving three of his goals. He visualises how much this will help him, but also others.

Also, I recently started to visualise my success as well. I was VERY SURPRISED to witness amazing results – just like how I’ve envisioned them.

Maria Hazistefani’s Liquid Ambition

Maria is one of the most successful founders from the beauty industry. Also, she is the founder and CEO of her own company, Rodial. Moreover, her other brand, NIP + FAB is equally successful, targeting a younger market.

Successful People's Habits: Top 10 Routines

Over the years, she developed a very productive daily routine. One of the things she loves to do is to wake up early. In effect, that will offer her time for herself. In particular, I love that she is drinking hot water with lemon and a shot of organic espresso first thing in the morning. With this in mind, I started doing the exact same thing! I feel peaceful and super ready to action my day. You should definitely try it for yourself.

Gary Vee’s 3-4 minute meetings

Yes, you’ve read that right. Gary Vaynerchuk, co-founder of Vayner Media, holds three-four minute meetings. In fact, he runs a very busy daily schedule. No wonder he needs to be productive. If three minute meetings sound a bit extreme for you, try to reduce your 1h meetings to 30 minutes and your 30 minutes ones to 15 minutes.

Nevertheless, your time is money. Your time is precious. Don’t allow others to waste it in endless meetings or other circumstances. Focus on increasing your productivity.

Focus on being productive instead of busy

This one’s from the master of productivity, Tim Ferris. He recommends that you measure the results of your actions – time and money. Handling e-mails for countless hours does not make you productive. Although, you might feel like it. Instead, he is checking emails once every few days and came to realise that his business CAN run without him. Also, he did build a business that can survive without his immediate input by giving more ownership to his employees.

Successful People's Habits: Top 10 Routines

Nevertheless, try to trust people more at work. If you’re not a business owner, even as a manager, trust your colleagues more. Great leaders empower others and let them take their own decisions. You will enjoy time to focus on being more productive and creative while sharing the workload.

There is a lot to be learned from successful people’s habits, so keep on reading to get more inspired ✨

Successful people don’t give others the opportunity to say ‘No’

They are their biggest supporters. They would not take no for an answer. Furthermore, they will do everything they can to influence people’s answers and turn them in their favour. Or they will try again another time.

That means creating more opportunity for themselves. If a door slams now, successful people will not give up. They will try again, again and again. Until they succeed.


Avoid things in excess

These people avoid anything in excess, including the fun things. Excesses are just going to bring you down. Furthermore, they will make you lose sight of the things you already have. Some people associate success with excess buying or excess working – none of these are healthy for you.

Instead, focus on having a good balance in your life. Eat healthy, but have your cheat days as well. Exercise, but rest when your muscles require you to do so. More importantly, work but know when you need to take breaks. You will feel so empowered and ready to action your day.

They are open to criticism

Successful people created a habit of being open to criticism from qualified individuals. I don’t believe that everyone has the entitlement to criticise someone’s work, contrary to the popular opinion. Also, taking opinions from everyone will only confuse you. Instead, take feedback from people who’ve already made it or from people who have knowledge in your industry. It will help you so much more! We all have an opinionated friend. But, that doesn’t mean we should listed to him – most of the times these people have no clue about what we’re doing in our work anyway.

They work when they’re most effective

This is one of the most important successful people’s habits. They work when they’re most effective. This links to the tip above about focusing on being productive instead of being busy.

Furthermore, working when you’re most effective will improve your performance and will make you happier. Although, this might not be applicable while in the office, it is to your side projects.

They throw themselves out there

Successful people don’t spend time questioning themselves. They feel the fear and do it anyway. Also, there’s something so powerful in this statement. Focus on your end goal and try to not spend too much time thinking why you can’t do it.

Successful People's Habits: Top 10 Routines

They have multiple incomes

Remember this: most successful people have multiple income streams. Besides running their own businesses or being employed by huge companies, successful people might be involved in Real Estate, investments, online courses and many other streams.

I would highly recommend to start thinking about your options. What are you good at, besides your day job / career?

These were successful people’s habits that I find super inspiring. I hope these will help you achieve your dreams and create a life you love.

P.S: Don’t forget to check-out my new e-book, ‘Create a life you love’. This book will show you how to create a life you love. Will give you brand new reasons to get up in the morning and feel extremely ready to action all of your dreams. You’re capable of wonderful things! Why not shape your life in the way you want it to be?


Andrada (NotAGirlyGal)

Hello there beautiful people,

I’m still talking about 2020 as we’re still in January, but that’s because it still is the beginning of the year. We still have so much time on our hands to make things happen and smash our goals, right? Drawing from my experience in 2019 when I was involved in perhaps too many projects at once and I did manage to finish the work in time, I’m now sharing 10 ways to be more successful in 2020.