To have the ability to adapt to changes faster, to build your confidence, and to have a sustainable growth in your self-improvement journey, you need to invest in yourself.

The energy you put into the process of investing in yourself will determine the quality of your life and your future. It’s the surest way to achieve your dreams, be successful, and improve your productivity. And overall become more satisfied with your life. 

An important thing to make note of is that before starting to invest in yourself, you need to be aware of the things you wish to accomplish. Sit back, reflect on the things you have now, your attitude towards things. And then see what you have to work on in order to have the things you’ve wished for. And here are a few ways you can start to invest in yourself: 

Develop your skills | Invest in Yourself

Start working on the skills YOU need in order to make your dreams and goals a reality. Before doing so, you have to be aware of the things you need to improve. If your goal is to be given a promotion at work, you would have to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses. If the new role would be needing a persona that is proficient in Excel, and you think you might be lacking the skills, it means you would have to work a little harder on mastering it. Or if your goal in life is to be happier, you would have to see what things bring you joy and the things that don’t. Then you would have to analyse the state of your mindset. You have to see where the setbacks are and then slowly but surely work on them for improvement. To have a sense of development you must always be learning and be aware. Aware of the things that you are lacking and learning how to adapt to better approaches and circumstances. 

Nurture your mind and body | Invest in Yourself

For you to achieve what you’ve planned you need to be in the right place and mindset. This means to always check in with yourself. See how you are feeling, what are you eating, how are you moving. Seek the things that bring you joy to have the desire to move with grace in life. Move your body in a way that gives you energy and makes you want to travel the world and back. Nurture your body with the right foods, but also seek a balance. You’ve noticed when you feel good inside and out, you have a new found power that makes you feel like you can conquer everything and everyone. 

Take care of yourself

Take time to properly tend to yourself. Make sure you have a somewhat balance between work and your personal life. Sometimes that line grows thinner and we don’t see how it can affect us over time. Create a self care day for yourself. Where you reflect on the things you’ve done so far. Where you check in with yourself and see what you need to have a more fulfilling life. 

Fuel your hobbies

Sometimes we’re so swept up in our responsibilities that we forget the things that give us pleasure. We forget the hobbies we have. This is a great way to invest in yourself. By doing the things that give you pleasure, your life can be a little easier. Also, it gives you the push to further work on what you want to achieve. Like mixing work with pleasure 😉

You need to set smart goals

This makes your life much easier and it gives you the ability to truly invest in things and in yourself. Seeing exactly what you want to achieve, gives you that drive to work. Your goals need to be attainable, specific, measurable, relevant and time bound. If you decide to work on achieving a promotion, you need to make an action plan. See if the goal is relevant to your values, if it’s specific and align with your wishes. See if it’s attainable, if not see on what you need to work on to make it so. And take note of the time frame, this can help you decide if it’s worth pursuing it or not. Even so, this makes the process of investing and working on yourself, much linear and wholesome. 

Investing in yourself is truly the first step into shaping your future the way you want it. The energy you spend on bettering yourself will bring you closer to your dreams and goals. Making small, continuous improvements enables you to do more and grow more. This brings more positive opportunities and positive long-term changes. To have the motivation and inspiration to keep on this journey browse my blog. I’m sure you’ll find something that resonates with whatever stage you are in your journey. 

Progress means development towards an improved or a more advanced condition. It’s easy to feel stuck and not acknowledge all the great things you’ve accomplished so far. 

Even if you don’t notice your improvements on a daily basis, just know that you’re making progress in life. You are not where you were yesterday and definitely won’t be in the same place tomorrow. On times when you are feeling stuck and not sure if the path you are on is right, it’s best to sit back, take a deep breath and reflect. Reflect on the amazing things you’ve managed to achieve so far. 

Remember everyone moves at different paces. Where you are now might not be the same place a dear friend is at. Or vice versa. We are all different, from our interests, passions, values, and goals that we set in life. It’s time for you to start affirming your progress in life. I’ve put together my best proven to work 25 affirmations that keep me going and I’m sure they will too. Download them for FREE to get started 😉

But, when you sit back and reflect on the amazing things you’ve achieved, what should you focus on? Here are 5 signs you’re making progress in life:

You start to accept failure

You’re no longer scared to fail – actually, you’re eager to see what failure can teach you. This is one of the main indicators that development is happening. Embrace the chance of failure when you try something new. Welcome learning with open arms. 

You have a new sense of confidence | Progress

You’re no longer afraid to try new things and approaches. Apart from not seeing failure as your number one enemy, you now have the confidence to tackle new challenges. Even if you don’t have all the resources when approaching new things you are confident in your strengths and you are sure that somehow things will work out for the better. And you embrace change wholeheartedly.

The future makes more sense | Progress

Your future doesn’t seem so foggy now. You are in charge of your goals and dreams. And you are starting to work on them. You don’t have that feeling of an uncertain future. You made your action plan and you are slowly working towards achieving your dreams. Even if you are moving at a slower pace sometimes, that’s also an improvement. And it shows that you are consistent and certain about what you want in life. 

You are more positive and healthy

Another important indicator of making progress in life is your mood and your health. You are making healthier choices, and you are moving your body more. And you are not criticizing yourself. Actually you are viewing yourself on a positive note. Your mindset is on a positive note. You surround yourself with positive people and experiences, and you take pleasure in life. 

You are willing to sit back and reflect

If you’ve made it so far, it means you are truly making progress. You are on the right path of self-development. Even when you are feeling stuck you have the power to sit back and reassess the path you are on. And reflect on what actions you took and what led you to feeling stuck. This means you acknowledge your thoughts and feelings and situations and you seek to learn from them. Because every thought, feeling and situation is telling you something and you are willing to actually sit back and listen. 

Little steps, daily actions, the willingness to never stop and a focused mindset are what keeps you working towards your dreams. Celebrate even the smallest moments and achievements. This will make you more happy with the path you are on, and will give you that extra push to move forward. 

An important thing to always remember is that no matter where you are in your journey, you have to move forward. Stop looking at what other people are doing and just focus on what you want in life and your happiness. No one will give you these things, YOU have to search for them and work on them. No one can show you the right way to self-development, but you can take inspiration from other people and assess what aligns with your mission and values. 

If you can’t relate to all of the signs, it’s time for you to start affirming your progress in life. I’ve put together my best proven to work 25 affirmations that keep me going and I’m sure they will too. Download them for FREE to get started 😉

There are so many reasons why expectations ruin your progress. Expectations are what you think will happen in a certain situation. However, reality hits us hard sometimes. Some expectations can be good as they can help you overcome certain obstacles and chase your dreams, but others can be very unrealistic and they can create frustration, misunderstandings and more. If you are too attached to expectations can prevent you from seeing the reality as it is. This keeps you from taking certain actions or making certain decisions that can be in your best interest. 

Constantly hoping for better circumstances is a sign of not appreciating what you currently have. You could expect that after your promotion, you’ll be happier, in reality you’ll be overworked and stressed. You expect that after you buy a certain item it will give you immense satisfaction, when in fact it gives you temporary serotonin and after that you feel guilty about buying it. You plan to go to the gym, and set high expectations for yourself so that in 5 months you’ll have lost 20 pounds. When in reality, it doesn’t work like that and you put immense pressure on yourself and you don’t enjoy the process and the fitness activity. 

Here’s how to set healthy intentions for every action you take:

1. Be aware of the expectations you set

Be aware of the expectations you set for yourself and what you should actually expect. This allows you to escape the false promise that things will turn out differently than reality. When you encounter a new situation, ask yourself what the outcome could be. And what you wish the outcome will be. Ask yourself if it should be this way, and if they match reality. And if you feel disappointed, think if it was realistic to hope for your desired outcome. 

2. Consider your happiness above expectations

Accept what makes you truly happy. If you work a job only to buy yourself nice things, you’ll not get real satisfaction and your happiness will not be long-lasting. It’s perfectly fine to want more, but you can enjoy life so much more if you are content with what you currently have. Find happiness in the things you have now.

3. Create dreams and goals accordingly

You need a goal or a dream to keep you motivated. You need to believe in yourself that you are capable of achieving all you set out to achieve. But, you don’t need to set high expectations for yourself in order to accomplish them. You’re not obliged to have everything set before you turn 30. Having the perfect job right after graduating college, or even having the perfect life all the time. Set your dreams and goals, to what you want the end result to be. If your goal is to live a more fulfilling life, you need to work towards that. And accept that it’s not always going to be perfect and a smooth journey, and that’s alright. 

3. Practice gratitude

Appreciate the progress you are making, and accept the fact that everyone moves at different paces. You might not be where you wanted to be when you were 15, and that’s okay. Life happened and you are still on track to having the best life you want. But, you have to work for it. So, it’s nice to tell yourself that you are making progress on your own terms and you are also enjoying the entire journey. 

4. Change the way you see failure

Sometimes, when you are very keen on achieving your goals, you might not want to even start as failure can creep into your thoughts. You might start to think that if you work towards what you want, you might fail, and this will give you disappointment. Start by having a lot more confidence in yourself and create the life you’ve wanted. You can get ahead by doing my FREE 7-Day Challenge.

In the end, for every action you take and for every decision you make there will be some kind of outcome. But everything goes back to what are your thoughts and what intentions you set for yourself. It’s okay to have some expectations on how things can turn out. But make sure those expectations are not affecting your mental health, your journey. Take baby steps, always 🙂 

Above all, you need to have confidence in yourself that things will work out for the best. You need to nurture your self-esteem and create an environment where you can grow. If you need an extra push in this direction and get a little sense of accountability you can join my 7-Day Challenge. And get starting on getting your confidence levels up and start having the life you’ve wanted. https://app.open.ifuiwill.com/share/1949786398

Standing in your power is the process of personal growth. The journey to tap into your power and dive in it is to ultimately experience your own sense of self-worth. 

To stand in your power is to choose to not play small in the face of fear, uncertainty, failure or rejection. You need to choose curiosity, maturity, and create a sense of responsibility. Deciding that you want more power might make you own up to things you were ignoring. 

To have more power and confidence in yourself, also means to examine yourself and see where you need to work on. For some time, a certain type of behavior might have served you in some way. But as you slowly shift to growth, you need to analyze and change your approaches and perspectives. 

You need to create a new sense around you, and accept that to stand in your power means people might start to react negatively. And that’s ok, you can not force positive dynamics. What is important is that you need to grow and you will grow. 

When you are living from an empowered place you are fed from within. Here’s how to step back and allow yourself to tap in and stand in your power.

Accept yourself | Stand in your power

Understanding and accepting yourself is the path to empowerment. We might be different as individuals, but we are similar in certain ways. We all want to grow and learn somehow. Accept yourself as you are, you’ll gain more strength. 

Choose yourself first

You need to choose yourself, so take care of yourself first. If you create a nurturing environment for yourself, you’ll easily grow from there. Is easier to feel empowered when you feel good about yourself, and you have confidence in yourself. 

Become the leader of your life | Stand in your power

Take back control of your life. You decide what you want to do and how you want to do it. Live the life you want and don’t let anyone dictate in your place. Do what you love and don’t let people decide for you. This is how you stand in your power and how you become empowered and confident. 

Forget the past, live in the present

Let past experiences give you clarity and show you how to learn and grow. Don’t dwell on what could have gone right or wrong. Everything you did in the past was for a reason. Always thinking of the past is not serving in any way. How can you attract abundance and feel empowered when you are always thinking about the past? How can positive opportunities choose you in the present and future if you are still stuck in the past? There is a reason it’s called the past. 

Negativity is not your friend

Negativity will never be your friend. Surrounding yourself with negative thoughts will never serve you. Try and prioritize positive outlooks in whatever you choose to do. Have the courage to accept that things will turn out okay and have the confidence to believe so.

Be intentional with what you want and who you want to be

Find out exactly what you want to be further in life and what you want to accomplish. After that acknowledgement, set intentions for yourself. Create action plans on what you want to achieve and work towards it. That’s how you stand in your power and feel empowered. 

Take ownership of your life, be you, be authentic and be real. Your true power lies within you. You have the power to create the life you want and how you want it. Start achieve everything you set your mind to. Believe in yourself and have confidence. 

If you feel like you don’t have the motivation or the inspiration to move forward, on my blog you can find more tips & tricks that can help you. I write about real experiences and how something has helped me in my journey. I know it can help you too. 

How the Law of Attraction works

The Law of Attraction is a guiding principle in which focusing on the positive aspects in your life brings back wonderful outcomes and opportunities. The main focus of this principle is to raise your vibration, avoid negative thinking and only surround yourself with positivity.

The power of intention and visualisation | Law of Attraction

Firstly, for it to work, you need to be intentional about your desires. VISUALISE your thoughts, create mood boards and set intentions for everything you do. Close your eyes and see exactly what you want! If you only attract good things and think about positive matters, you will be closer to manifesting the life you’re dreaming about. You’re worthy of having everything your heart desires.

The power of believing

Furthermore, believing in your thoughts and thinking you will get what you ‘order’ to the Universe is another important aspect when applying the law of attraction. Simply wanting will not be enough. You need to believe deep down that the Universe will reward you. Additionally to being intentional, believing and visualising, you have to create positive emotions. Furthermore, you need to surround yourself with love, joy, appreciation and practice gratitude every single day. The energy you put in is the energy you get out.

The energy you put in, is the energy you get out.

When applying the law of attraction, you need to create the perfect environment to manifesting your dream life. Declutter your mind when you attract things. In fact, that’s how you attract positive feelings, amazing outcomes and great opportunities.

Live in the present moment

Secondly, living in the present and creating thoughts in the present is the key to attraction. Focusing on what will be, or what you will achieve in the future, will create only negative emotions in the present, like always doubting and overthinking.

Want to find our more? Download my FREE Guide ‘How to Set Yourself for Success’. I’ll send it to your inbox 🙂


The power of speaking into existence | The key of how the Law of Attraction Works

A excellent component to do whilst beginning to apply attraction is to talk your dreams and goals into existence. Proudly say what you need in life, I need X, I am attaining Y. If your goal is to have a healthy lifestyle, begin your day by saying „Today I am healthy, I am eating foods to fuel and nourish my body and I am moving in alignment to my body’s needs”.

Lastly, the most important thing in life and in using attraction is balance. There can’t be only negative or positive thoughts. You don’t need to suppress your negative emotions, you need to acknowledge them. The most important thing is what you do when you have negative emotions and thoughts. How you overcome those, how you let a light of positivity shine through in that moment of negativity. For example, when thinking about your goals and dreams, there might be a moment when you will think that you will not achieve what you want. You need to accept your moment of worry and trust in your power and in yourself you will make your goal, your dream a reality.

The bottom line is, that’s how the law of attraction works. So, keep this simple guidance in mind when starting to use the power of attraction and see how your life changes according to your mind.

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Stop trying to please everyone and find out 5 mistakes you make while being a people-pleasing person.

If you want to please everyone, there are probably mistakes that you’re doing right now that negatively impact your life. Besides learning how to stop pleasing everyone, in today’s article you’ll find out the 5 mistakes you’re currently making when you’re trying to please those around you.

Mistake #1: You’re putting yourself on the second place

Many times in our lives as humans we let ourselves influenced by others emotions, actions and happenings. Sometimes by wanting to be kind we put ourselves on the second place, just to make someone feel better or just to help. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be by your loved ones side, but most of the times you must realise that YOU own the most important place in your heart. Therefore, for you to be the best version of yourself, you must find yourself and realise that if you want to be good to others you first must be good to you.

However, putting yourself on the second place is a mistake that everyone of us has made at least once. There comes the question: How do we fix this?

Understand that in order for you to lead a happy life, you have to allow yourself full priority. You should always come first because friendships or relationships should not be about sacrificing on a daily basis. There are situations of course when we all sacrifice something for our friends when we feel we need to, however it shouldn’t be common practice.

If you put yourself on the first place, you will be happier and ready to offer even more of yourself to your loved ones. You won’t feel you ever regret something that you did for them because it came from a place of being equal to them in that situation.

Mistake #2: You’re not dedicating enough time for your own growth

You are not selfish if you refuse someone just because you want to have time for yourself. I have learned from my experience that it is best for me if I stop trying to please everyone.

Firstly, if you always say “yes” people will take your time and you won’t be able to focus on your own growth. After all, we need time to focus on our goals, emotions and moreover, we have to relax from time to time. Working 24/7 is extremely overwhelming for everyone and it is even hard to find time to spend with our families. By accepting to help and please everyone around you, not only you consume yourself, but also you won’t have time or you you will be too tired to celebrate your own achievements.

Therefore, you might ask yourself : How can I stop trying to please everyone?

Your answer stands in the two Fs I created for you :

  • Focus on yourself

Firstly, you must take into consideration my first piece of advice: put yourself on the first place. Think about your goals and how to achieve them. Find the time that you need in order to put all of your thoughts together. Breathe in, breathe out and fill yourself with confidence. Moreover, you must realise that once you focus on your needs, you will be able to help others too.

  • Find yourself

The second step in my two Fs theory is to find yourself. Once you focused on what made you feel accomplished it is time to discover ways to make everything work. Once you unleashed what the best version of you looks like it is now time to create it. Find your inner peace and make time for YOU! Become aware of your own internal world, and make a change. At the end of the day, if you still find time for others, go for it! Being kind always made an impact on one’s life.

Mistake #3: You feel like you’re running a marathon

Another thing you should consider while you stop trying to please everyone is how energy consuming is this people-pleasing marathon.

In reality, you’re not pleasing everyone because it’s impossible. You might be feeling like running a marathon because all of your efforts might be in vain at the end. After all, you over-function in your relationships when you do too much for others, which eventually causes others to under-function. While your motives are fine, they might eventually undermine your relationships’ overall effectiveness.

If you want to stop feeling tired, try to understand that you will not please everyone. Ever. You should preserve your time and energy. Moreover, you should start functioning for yourself and realise that the only thoughts and feelings that you can change are your own.

Mistake #4: You feel unhappy and always questioning your ability to please others

When you are trying to stop pleasing everyone you will realise how much unhappiness these actions bought you.

When we do a favour to someone or when we just try to help them with something, we might start overthinking our ability to please others. “Have I done enough?”, “Maybe I should help them more” are examples of thoughts that come into our mind immediately after helping others out. These dark thoughts only harm us and make us start questioning ourselves. Feeling unhappy and not sure if your friends are pleased with you are overwhelming sentiments and emotions, but I will help you as much as I can with a piece of advice.

Here’s how to fix this: If you always question your ability to please others, it means that you’re always worried that they will be upset. This comes from your insecurities. When you’re unsure, your life becomes quite a mess. Build up your confidence and realise that you tried, realise that even the smallest of deeds matter. As soon as you start believing in yourself, this overwhelming and overthinking problem shall stop.

Mistake #5: You concentrate on all of the things they haven’t done for you

If you’re doing too much, it’s human nature to expect something back, maybe equal or less impressive. It’s quite a destructive mindset which can be controlled, but usually the more things you do, the more expectations you’ll have, maybe without realising this.

Here’s how to stop pleasing everyone and focus on yourself: always remember that when you did something good, you did because you really wanted to. You didn’t sacrifice yourself or your time to do so. It’s important that you realise that no one is asking you to sacrifice yourself for them. It’s just you who is thinking that way.

All things considered, what was the biggest mistake you made while trying to please everyone? And how would you fix it?

A negative mindset can impact your life in various ways. I’m sure you might know this, but sometimes it all starts with an “what if” and then you fall into deep & negative thoughts. You might start questioning yourself and everything you do. In the end this mindset is doing nothing but bringing unnecessary pain to you. If you’re looking to change your mindset RIGHT NOW and invest in your self development, keep on reading.

However, a positive mindset can improve your daily routine in so many ways. Being positive and receptive about life events has such an important role to play into building a calmer mind and a more joyful life.

If you ask yourself ‘How can I achieve this mindset change?’, there are a few exercises I have tried and that work very well for me. I would like to share my spiritual awakening with you and help anyone looking to change their mindset.

Meditation and yoga practice

First of all, have you ever tried meditating and practicing yoga? If not, you should try these exercises right now. Yoga mostly helps you focus on your breath and the exact movement of your body. After everything, it brings you back to the moment that matters the most, the present. There are lots of free practices on YouTube that I totally recommend when you’re starting out. Yoga and meditation help you look forward into your life and help you calm yourself when you feel shaken by a negative mindset.

Surrounding yourself with positive people 

Secondly, I believe that surrounding yourself with positive people can help with your mindset change. After all, knowing that someone loves and appreciates you is one of the best feelings in the entire world. Make sure that those people are also positive and that they have your back!

Take responsibility – Stop playing the victim

Also, stop playing the victim and take responsibility. You and only you can create a good life. Don’t forget these words and start raising. There is always a way out of the negative aspects of your life. Embrace this fact and CHOOSE more for yourself. Choose the life you want to have and make it happen. It all stands in your power. You can achieve that mindset change that you dream of, but you have to believe it and work for it.

Practice mindful awareness 

Moreover, in order to achieve a mindset change from negative to positive you can practice mindful awareness. Embrace the present moment. The past is gone and we never know what future can unfold us. You should enjoy every moment and stop over thinking your steps. With the help of mindfulness we can recognise what is actually going on in our mind and start to let it go.

Practice gratitude 

Practicing gratitude is also an important step in order to achieve a mindset change. Actually, you can think of all the kind moments you have experienced in your life so that you can get into that special state of mind. Try showing gratitude at least once a day because even a little sign of appreciation can change one’s day. Once you realise that, you shall feel so much more positive about yourself and your mindset shall switch from dark to light.

Keeping a gratitude journal 

Also, keeping a gratitude journal can improve your optimism. It is proven that if you write down all the things you are grateful for you will have so much more comfort on a hard day only by reading your little journal. After all, why not remember how many things bring joy and peace to you on a daily basis?

Start your day with a positive affirmation 

My last tip for you to achieve mindset change will be to start everyday by telling yourself a positive affirmation. For example, you can always wake up and say: “Today will be a great and productive day for me”, “Today is my time to shine and to prove myself how great I am”, “I am going to surf through this day with a positive mindset “.

This positive affirmation will give you a confidence boost and will help you set your goal for the day. Always remember that nothing is impossible and that you have a purpose in this world. Motivation is one of the main traits that help you go on and do better, therefore you shall never stop going for a mindset change.

All things considered, you CAN change your life by making a mindset change. Switch from negative to positive and let the world see the kind and happy you. Boost your confidence and don’t stop believing in your goals. By the end of the day, if you try at least one of these exercises, I promise you it will be the start of your journey to positivity.

Last but not least, how do you practice positive thinking?

Are you in need of some productive day tips? Well, you’re just in the right place. A productive day plays such a strong role in creating a positive mindset and a good routine. Reaching success and becoming the best version of yourself isn’t easy if you start your day at 12 o’clock in the afternoon. Why? The answer is quite simple actually. By starting your day early, you are firstly assuring yourself a dose of energy and also a boost of creativity and commitment in achieving your goals for the day.

Here’s my list of 10 things to do before 10 am for a productive day ahead!

1. Early Bird

The first thing you should do while organising your new routine before 10 am is to start waking up 15 to 30 minutes earlier everyday. Therefore, you will train your body to adapt to a new routine. You should be able to wake up faster and around the same time everyday. You’ll notice that your sleep at night will become deeper and more restful.

Better yet, try to wake up at least between 8 – 8:30 am.

It’s proven that people who wake up earlier see a boost in performance and positivity.

2. Get some sun

One of the most important productive day tips is to get some sun in the morning. Wake up and let the heat and warmth of the sun energise you with some vitamin D.

Moreover, choosing to spend some time in the sun should fill your mind with positive affirmations. Light usually brings people peace and confidence that everything will go as planned. It is important that you start your day with a positive mindset. Therefore, beginning your day with some light shall increase your level of happiness and confidence.

A daily reminder should be that sun brings hope and people who still have hope are the strongest.

3. Stretch and do some exercises

Physical exercises can help you improve your level of performance, focus and energy. Moreover, the perfect time to exercise should be in the morning taking into account how busy your day is.

Completing your routine with some physical activity can do wonders for your long term wellness and productiveness.

4. Read an inspiring quote

Another productive day tip is to find an inspirational quote and reflect on it. See how it would help you in your daily activities. For example, I love this one: “One day or day one – you decide”. The choice is always in your hands.

Find your motivation for the day and build up the trust in yourself. Manifest that everything is possible and go for it.

5. Eat a healthy breakfast

It’s said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Therefore, the 5th of my productive day tips is “eat a healthy breakfast”. Preparing a healthy meal in the morning will give your body the energy it needs for the day ahead.

Moreover, if you don’t find the time to prepare it in the morning, you could make it the night before in order to have it ready for the next day.

Boost your energy and mood, stay healthy and most importantly do it before 10 am 🙂 !

6. Journal

You can start your morning by putting down all of your thoughts. Moreover, if you remember what you’ve dreamed about you can also write it in your notebook.

Put down everything that goes throughout your head and free your mind. This way you will be ready for a new beginning every day.

Journaling can be very therapeutic for many. Therefore, doing it in the morning is the perfect time.

7. Dress up

Step up your game and spend some extra time taking care of yourself in the morning. You can do your makeup or your hair, or even try on a few outfits to see which one goes better with your plans for the day.

Dressing up and taking care of yourself are always bringing a boost of confidence in our lives, even when we work from home. Allow yourself to feel beautiful and appreciated.

Your inspirational quote for the day could even be: “Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway”.

Therefore, you can try this tip for a productive day and see how you feel.

8. Plan your day

Organise everything you have to do for the rest of the day. Be more efficient and schedule your day in the morning.

This way you will be able to know exactly how much time you have left for your brakes and when to start every task.

Take control over your day and start being more productive.

9. Express your gratitude

Another important piece of advice from the category: “productive day tips” is to express your gratitude each morning. Finding at least one thing you are grateful for each morning makes wonders for your whole day.

Remember that there will always be things to be grateful for and that you’re lucky to have good things in your life. Don’t take anything for granted and realise how much joy little things can bring to you.

10. Smile

Smile! Even if sometimes you don’t feel like doing it, smiling will boost your happiness.

It’s scientifically proven that just the action of smiling, even if we force it, increases our mood and happiness. Therefore, find a reason to smile everyday and start your day with a dose of joy.

I’m sure that you can do this! You can increase your level of productivity by waking up early in the morning and choosing to do some of the things I enlisted above.

In the end, I hope my productive day tips will help you as much as they helped me.

What do you like doing in the morning for a productive day? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Women empowerment to me means showing women what they’re capable of if they just believe in themselves. Women all over the world have realised how important it is to be on each other’s side and to protect our values as females. We are expected to be so many things from an exceptional mother to a successful business / career woman. Moreover, on social media, many women compare themselves to others and can feel down because they’re not skinny, curvy or not looking like all the influencers they see all over the media.

In time, I have established my own values; I have realised what an important role females play in society and fully embraced mine. I’ve prepared this article discussing five important techniques to embrace positive self-talk.

Why does positive self-talk play such an important role in women empowerment?

First of all, self-talk is made out of thoughts you’re sending to yourself everyday – positive or negative. Also, they have an impact on your confidence, positivity, self-love and after all, mentality.

Actually, it’s said that if you start your day with positive affirmations the rest of it will go as great as it started. The way we choose to see the things that happen to us have an enormous impact on our way of living. Therefore, if you will always see the bad side of yourself and your actions, you are only harming yourself and falling into deeper and darker thoughts.

Set yourself some healthy boundaries

The environment you decide to spend your time in has a meaningful impact on your life and positivity. Therefore, setting some healthy boundaries and choosing your circle of friends carefully is a great start.

Constantly surround yourself with people who cherish and respect you in order to charge yourself with positivity.

Moreover, the media also has an effect on your mindset, therefore you should opt for a more positive and a more mindful newsfeed. Feed your thoughts and mind with practical and useful information rather than negative news (don’t argue with me on that please).

Positive affirmations

Start saying positive affirmations to yourself.

Consider starting with two positive affirmations every day. Also, don’t forget about the law of attraction, if you manifest something, it will come to you eventually. Therefore, once you get out of bed say: “Today will be a wonderful day, everything will go as planned” or “Today I will not allow anything to bring me down, I’m staying positive”.

Once you make a habit out of it, maintaining a positive mindset won’t be hard at all.

Also, have you considered doing women empowerment in your circle of friends? You never know who will need to learn about your positive approach to life.

Channel your inner critic in the right direction

In life, we can all make mistakes. However, you should channel your inner critic in the right direction. Therefore, if you find yourself in a bad position or have made a mistake, ask yourself : “Is there another way to look at this problem?” Don’t let your negative chatter interfere – we’re all experts at complaining about ourselves and not doing anything constructive about it.

We’re all human and every single one of us makes mistakes, all you have to do is to learn from them and to accept them. Just decide on what you did wrong, how you can possibly fix it and how can you avoid it in the future. That’s all!

However, don’t be too harsh on yourself! Mistakes are part of our lives and sometimes you just can not avoid them.

Be thankful

Be thankful! 🙂 This is a perfect way to find the good in your life and generate positive self-talk.

Try to be grateful for everything that happens in your life.

However, if you’re having a hard time doing that, keep track of everything that made you smile or made you thankful. Also, at the end of the day, you’ll realise how small your problems actually are.

Stop comparing yourself to others

You’re unique and that is your power after all!

You should accept and embrace your own values and uniqueness. Also, I know it’s quite hard to not look at what other people are doing and to not compare yourself with them, but it’s not quite healthy.

Once you see that you have your very own path, you will also realise that no one can be you and that for sure is a boost of confidence.

Individuals that are better off or worse than you, will always be around. It’s crucial to focus on yourself and be thankful for what you have.

Stop comparing yourself to others and start living your own life.

Lastly, daily positive self-talk is not impossible to reach, all you have to do is to see the best in situations. Start seizing the day and always see the good in you.

Here’s to women empowerment! 🥂

Self-isolation shouldn’t get you all bored. In fact, some of you might not have the working from home habit or are used to being on the go very often. But, being stuck at home can be quite entertaining and productive, if you know how to make the best out of it. I’m sharing with you some easy ways to make self-isolation enjoyable that will change the way you do it.

Self-Isolation at Home – The New Norm?

Who would have thought that in 2020, when the world is at its speediest rate we would have to stay at home? Well, definitely not myself and perhaps not yourself either. Since this situation is becoming quite the norm, we all have to adapt. How you want to view this situation, it’s entirely up to you. One of my favourite quotes says that life is a sum of how we react to things. So, how will you react to this?

If you’re doing this, then stop

If you’re thinking that your current situation is painful and you’re staring to lose your ‘sanity’, then think again. The truth is, your situation is really not that awful. The whole thing can be flipped. What you get is: more time for yourself, more time to be productive, save money on transportation, moments to breathe, a positive change in your life and a moment to assess your life situation – were you truly happy before this happened? Be ambitious.

Easy ways to make self isolation actually enjoyable

Self-isolation can be quite enjoyable if you know how to approach it. I’m sharing some easy ways to make self isolation actually enjoyable that work for me.

Have a clear agenda for each day

Having no plan of action can get you stressed and bored in the same time. Keeping yourself busy with your daily plans is a great way of both being productive and entertained. Include different categories here: your side project (eg. blog, content creation), your skills building (re-creation of yourself), your mindfulness plans (eg. meditation, yoga, painting). I keep a weekly & monthly planner – a more organised agenda to plan out everything I want to achieve daily. When I used to go to the office, I would even have these tasks planned by time, but now I can be more flexible, so I’m really grateful for being able to feel less pressure. Get yourself a smart planner, it makes a huge difference.

Wake up one hour before starting work

You might love your sleep, but there’s research showing that getting straight into working after you’ve woken up, it’s harmful for your wellbeing. Instead, wake up one hour before starting work and get ready for the day ahead.

Drink hot water with lemon & propolis

That’s the first thing that I do in the morning. I drink about half a cup of hot water with lemon & propolis to wake my body up. It’s a great source of vitamin C as well. It became a ritual for me. Trust me, you’ll love it.

Prepare a healthy breakfast to kick off the day

Forget having breakfast on the go or eating late at the office. You have all the means to prepare a healthy breakfast at home to kick off the day and actual time to sit down and have breakfast. Isn’t that wonderful? Prepare a healthy breakfast rich in protein and kick off the day. I like to have protein cereal with fruit (banana, strawberry, pomegranate, blueberries), or avocado toast.

Take time to prepare for the day

Take time to prepare for the day. Do 5-10 minutes of guided meditation, do some stretching or yoga and get your day to a great start. See? You’re busy (good busy) already!

Design your perfect, most flourishing environment

Even though you might be working the most part of your day, creating a flourishing environment is key. Scientifically, aromatherapy is the art of utilising plant based essences to harmonise and promote the health of body, mind and spirit. It has a deep connection with our spirit, so why not take opportunity to work from home next to a melting wax candle that will lift your mood? Whenever I want to give my living room an uplifting smell, I either choose a Sand & Driftwood scent (Woodwick) or Vanilla Cupcake (Country Candle). I wish you could smell these right now.

Lighting up a scented candle can have the same effect, however if you want to change the smell quite often, wax melts or essential oil might be the ones for you. I would usually light up a candle when I read or meditate before bed, my favourite ones being manufactured by DW or Yankee Candle.

Take useful breaks

Taking breaks while working is key. You can either enjoy a cup of coffee / tea (I vow for my coffee), apply a relaxing face mask, listen to a podcast or read. I’m absolutely obsessed with skin care and masks, so for me, a break looks something like this: face mask, coffee & magazine in my hand! Some people enjoy colouring too, so choose something that works for you.

Exercise or practice yoga

Make sure to include a form of exercising while staying at home for at least 30 minutes every other day. Open the windows wide (who cares about what your neighbours think?) and get on with it. I have some favourite trainers I follow on YouTube for both working out & yoga. Better yet, if you have a back garden you can give that a go.

Avoid scrolling on your phone for hours

Obviously, avoid being glued on your screen for no reason what so ever. Use your time wisely 😉

Hobbies exploration

Now it’s the perfect time to explore some hobbies, who knows maybe you will enjoy new activities that you didn’t know you would before? Come up with some exciting things that you could be doing at home: English / Italian afternoon tea ‘party’, build an indoors den, have an Italian food night and so on. On the hobbies side of things, I decided to explore video making & editing while I have more time on my hands and actually love watching good quality videos. So, expect something fresh & different on my Instagram channel.

Easy Ways to Make Self-Isolation Enjoyable

Invest in your skills

Take this time to invest in your skills. Work won’t look like this anymore, with the work – life line becoming even thiner. Be prepared for the change and become even better at what you do, regardless of your career path.

Be grateful

Be grateful for the life you have. You have a home, loving family and loads of opportunities ahead of you. Remember how lucky you are to be alive and enjoy life.

Plan for the future

Although we might not know how the future looks like, it’s important that we prepare for a new economy, in a way or another. Some will win and some will lose. Use this time to brainstorm how you plan to use it to your advantage.

So, how to make the best out of your self-isolation situation?

Make the best out of your self-isolation by practising some of the tips I’ve shared in this article today. These are 100% working for me at the moment and if some of these will work for you too, then you can call me a very happy person.

Enjoy your time during this uncertain period and never forget how lucky we all are to be alive.

Sending lots of love,

Andrada (NotAGirlyGal)