live with intention


Self development is quite an amazing journey these days. Everyone tries so hard to up their game and to become the best version of themselves. I think it’s amazing how many beautiful lessons you can learn during your self development journey.

A great way to start working on your self development is to start living with intention. By means you’ll focus more on living a more balanced life that concentrates on meaning and purpose.

Considering how exhausting the society is these days, people tend to put themselves on auto pilot and just follow up a routine. I’ll now give you some pieces of advice on how to wake up and realise that life is all about choices. You’ll need to fully live in order to develop yourself, existing is just not enough.

Pay attention

I believe you are busy 24 out of 7, right? There are distractions everywhere, on the phone, at the office, there are lots and lots of thoughts. All these things distract us from what really matters. Breathe in. Breathe out. Find a moment of peace and quiet and just focus. You’ll realise life is just getting past you, right? People seem to move in slow motion and nothing new ever happens. You’ll need to start searching for your purpose now. Take some time just to think about the things that matter to you the most. What do you aspire to be like?

Everyone is born with a purpose! Maybe you just want to make other people happy, or you want to revolutionize something, who knows?

The secret here is quite ironic. I cannot really tell you HOW to find your purpose. Thinking and focusing will help A LOT, however you are the only one who knows the answer to this question.

Once you’ve found your purpose I promise things will get much more easier.

Disconnect and connect

It’s now time to disconnect from every source of technology. Leave your phone away and start connecting with real people. It’s so important to share opinions, laugh and even just sit with other people. They can be your family, friends or your significant other, it really doesn’t matter. You’ll realise how much time you spend on your phone and how little with the people around you.

Socialising is an amazing form of self development. Not only you can learn a lot of things from others experiences but you can also improve your lifestyle a lot. For example, in a relationship communication is key. This is how you’ll keep your relationship balanced, healthy and happy. This also applies in other types of relationships such as friendships. And, if you have healthy relationships in your life, your state of mind will change instantly. It will have an impact to your self esteem, confidence, productivity and energy.

Live in the moment

In order to succeed in living a life with intention, you’ll also have to learn how to live in the moment. Stop thinking about the past or the future. The present matters the most. The choices you are making NOW will have an impact on your future self. Also, as I said before, it’s not enough only to exist. You have to live. For example, stop being afraid of change or challenges. It won’t get you anywhere. If you’d like to do something, try something or tell someone something, just do it! After all, even if it goes wrong, I’m sure you’ll laugh about it later.

Also, you can focus on little things. For instance, start enjoying the parfume your significant other wears. Have you ever listened to the birds in the morning? Do you ever just take a rest and look at all the people around you? Start enjoying life more and you’ll surely become a better version of yourself.

Set some goals

Goals are the things that help us moving forward after a bumpy ride, right? They make us ambitious and competitive. We want to succeed and then succeed again. Goals are an amazing form of developing ourselves. Therefore, the next step in living an intentional life is to set goals. You can start with smaller goals such as : today I’ll work out 10 minutes. After a week you can make your goal a bit harder and go for 20 minutes. This way, without even realising you’ll improve more and more.

Also, just as a reminder: you should celebrate every time you reach one of your goals. Eat a cupcake, drink a glass of whine, do whatever you like. Just don’t let it go like that. Even if it wasn’t a big deal, every choice you make in improving your life is worth celebrating.

All things considered, living a life with intention is really wonderful. And it’s not hard, right? Just remember, find your purpose, set some goals, connect with the people around you and live in the moment. After all, you only have one life, start living it.

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Until next time,

Miss Andrada