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Welcome back here! You’ve always wondered how to look more expensive and put together (as much as I don’t like this phrase)? Same here, my dear. I discovered that it’s in the power of accessories to lift up an outfit. Believe me! Let’s have a look at the tips below.how to look expensive miss andrada moschino bag

How have you been lately? I’ve been on and off last month, although I did have a break for about one week – when did I last have one week off everything? To be honest, it felt good: I barley used my phone and didn’t open my laptop once. This actually means that now I have to catch up on everything. I worked so much to get everything scheduled for my departure and make sure that content is here on that week and I want to keep it that way. One thing I can tell you: it’s not the end of the world if you have a break as long as you are rigorous with your work before and after the departure. Let’s get into the new post now!

   It’s all in the cut

One aspect that makes outfits more expensive would be their cut. In the Fashion Designer World, ones of the best when it comes to design cuts are Balenciaga, Chanel or Stella McCartney. Designs coming from these houses have strong cuts and look brilliant on. Obviously, their fabrics are high end so that’s another factor that makes them special.  When looking at the high street, a good example of such design can be found in Zara. They’ve created a similar cape blazer to the super famous one by Stella. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a dupe, because it’s not a one to one representation but it looks similar. I love how it looks! So, if you wear a straight or interesting cut, you instantly look expensive (find mine here). It’s a fact 🙂 don’t you think?

miss andrada how to look expensive moschinohow to look more expensive miss andrada not a girly gal


                       Straight let pants

As a non girly girl, I will choose pants over pencil skirts. But that’s just me and it’s perfectly ok if you feel the same way. Don’t feel you need to wear pencil skirts to look more professional or more expensive. A good pair of straight leg pants (similar here) will look just as perfect. There’s no point to wear a pencil skirt if you don’t feel comfortable. It’s your attitude that brings light to your outfit.

how to look expensive miss andrada accesories

               Adding bold accessories

The accessories are actually adding even more identity to your outfit. Think about a time when you chose to wear a pair of statement earrings with a basic dress. How did that add to your outfit? It changed it instantly, right? In this example, I’m showing you how I’ve added a red Moschino heart checked bag to this white outfit (find it here). Look closely and you will notice how the chain handles on it make the whole outfit look even better.

how to look expensive everyday miss andradahow to look expensive miss andrada

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this post and that you’ll consider some of the tips when you’re going shopping for the new season.

Until next time,