It’s almost Black Friday and Nordgreen have prepared an exciting offer for all the designer watch lovers out there. Get your Own Danish Design Watch for Less with my code: MISS35.

Ever since I’ve received my watch in September, I’ve found myself wearing it non-stop and that rarely happens. If you haven’t seen my article introducing Nordgreen, you have to check it out because their sustainability story is very impressive. Also, as I’m coming from a marketing background, I’ve been taught to look out for sustainability practices and to support brands that respect our environment.

Why purchase a Danish Design Watch?

First of all: its quality. Besides the quality materials used for crafting the watch, I can’t help but notice the incredible amount of attention to details. The markers are so delicate and their colours complement each other very well (golden and black). The hands are my favourite: they’re golden and have a very nice detail at the end. Knowing that this Danish design watch is of great quality, you can expect to own it for a long time and why not pass it to other generations. After all, they’re a 2020 Red Dot Design Winner.

Moreover, the bezel and the crystal together create a very delicate watch that you can wear any time. I suggest that for the evening wear that you choose a gold mesh and for the everyday wear, you can go for a genuine leather strap.

Furthermore, with every purchase, they provide 1 month of clean water to a family in Africa or 2 months of free education to children in India or they support the fund for preserving 200 sq ft of rain forest in Latin America.

Black Friday with Nordgreen

You know how much I value my beautiful Infinity Nordgreen watch, so it is with great pleasure that I announce their offer this month for Black Friday Watches. You can now enjoy an exclusive 35% discount by using my code: MISS35. The campaign starts on the 21st of November and lasts until the 1st of December. 

There are so many beautiful designs that you can choose from, for instance I really like the Philosopher – Pink Leather watch or of course you can go for the Infinity watch that I own.

Moreover, with the gifting season approaching why not save money on your purchases? It’s always nice to do your shopping in a timely manner to avoid any gift rush. I personally try to avoid it as much as possible, so I’m encouraging you to do the same.

Remember, to order your discounted Nordgreen watch from world-famous Bang & Olufsen and HAY designer Jakob Wagner, use my code: MISS35.

How would you purchase this time piece for? Yourself or someone you love?

Lots of love,

This Autumn, I’m really trying to make an effort with the way I accessorise my outfits. After all, they can take any outfit to the next level, right? Give me a beautiful Danish design watch and a simple turtle neck shirt and we have an elegant vibe going on. I’ve recently came across this sustainable Danish brand which crafts delicate time pieces that go really well with the colour palette of this season and layered outfits. Let’s have a look at their story & giving back program and how I’ve styled one of their beautiful watches. 

Nordgreen’s story – Danish Design Watch

To me, the story behind the brand is equally important and interesting. In my view, a brand is sustainable not only because it uses friendly materials, but also because it treats employees fairly. Also, when it comes to Nordgreen, the well-being of their employees is at their core as they make efforts to ensure everyone involved in the brand works in a fair environment. 

Sustainable materials

What I really like about Nordgreen is that they choose sustainable and environmentally friendly materials that last. For instance, the packaging is made out of FSC-certified cardboard and up-cycled felt. Also, all straps are produced with environmentally friendly methods to reduce chemical pollutions. 

Gold watch

My golden mesh is very high quality and goes perfectly with my nude outfit. It really stands out and I feel that I don’t even need to be wearing different accessories to make my outfit stand out. If you love the look of this, I have a 15% off discount code for you that you can use on the entire website: MISS.

Giving back programme 

Besides, their sustainable practices, Nordgreen are engaged in an impressive giving back programme. Furthermore, they support three great causes with each watch purchased by customers. You can choose one of the three causes: Health, Education and Rainforest Preservation and Nordgreen make sure the fund is used for tangible projects through their partnered NGOs. How interesting is that? Thus, you’re not only wearing a stylish time piece, but you are also supporting a cause. They have all my respect for that. 

Styling the Infinity time-piece – Danish Design Watch

I went for the Infinity time piece – sized 32 mm. Also, it’s the first watch I ever buy that doesn’t need adjustment – not that I bothered in the past to be fair. Moreover, I was pleasantly surprised to see that this Danish Design Watch fits me so well. It’s my favourite to wear at the moment and I’m sure it will stay that way. You can now enjoy 15% off the entire website by using my code: MISS.

Let’s have a look at my quick tips on styling it, shall we?

Styling the time piece is very easy actually. Think about wearing a mono-chrome outfit – it will make the whole look so elegant. For instance, I chose to wear a nude outfit – a simple turtle neck paired with a pair of bold shorts. In regards to the shoes, I chose a pair of nude over the knee boots to make the look more interesting. 

Growing up, I realised that it’s so important to adhere to a minimalist style because everything looks just so much better. I’m very glad to have found a brand like Nordgreen that understands that and design minimalist pieces for women just like myself.

I hope you’ve enjoyed their story and that you’re going to love my discount code: MISS to enjoy 15% off the entire website.

This post is kindly sponsored by Nordgreen – as always views and opinions are my own.

Lots of love,