Women empowerment to me means showing women what they’re capable of if they just believe in themselves. Women all over the world have realised how important it is to be on each other’s side and to protect our values as females. We are expected to be so many things from an exceptional mother to a successful business / career woman. Moreover, on social media, many women compare themselves to others and can feel down because they’re not skinny, curvy or not looking like all the influencers they see all over the media.

In time, I have established my own values; I have realised what an important role females play in society and fully embraced mine. I’ve prepared this article discussing five important techniques to embrace positive self-talk.

Why does positive self-talk play such an important role in women empowerment?

First of all, self-talk is made out of thoughts you’re sending to yourself everyday – positive or negative. Also, they have an impact on your confidence, positivity, self-love and after all, mentality.

Actually, it’s said that if you start your day with positive affirmations the rest of it will go as great as it started. The way we choose to see the things that happen to us have an enormous impact on our way of living. Therefore, if you will always see the bad side of yourself and your actions, you are only harming yourself and falling into deeper and darker thoughts.

Set yourself some healthy boundaries

The environment you decide to spend your time in has a meaningful impact on your life and positivity. Therefore, setting some healthy boundaries and choosing your circle of friends carefully is a great start.

Constantly surround yourself with people who cherish and respect you in order to charge yourself with positivity.

Moreover, the media also has an effect on your mindset, therefore you should opt for a more positive and a more mindful newsfeed. Feed your thoughts and mind with practical and useful information rather than negative news (don’t argue with me on that please).

Positive affirmations

Start saying positive affirmations to yourself.

Consider starting with two positive affirmations every day. Also, don’t forget about the law of attraction, if you manifest something, it will come to you eventually. Therefore, once you get out of bed say: “Today will be a wonderful day, everything will go as planned” or “Today I will not allow anything to bring me down, I’m staying positive”.

Once you make a habit out of it, maintaining a positive mindset won’t be hard at all.

Also, have you considered doing women empowerment in your circle of friends? You never know who will need to learn about your positive approach to life.

Channel your inner critic in the right direction

In life, we can all make mistakes. However, you should channel your inner critic in the right direction. Therefore, if you find yourself in a bad position or have made a mistake, ask yourself : “Is there another way to look at this problem?” Don’t let your negative chatter interfere – we’re all experts at complaining about ourselves and not doing anything constructive about it.

We’re all human and every single one of us makes mistakes, all you have to do is to learn from them and to accept them. Just decide on what you did wrong, how you can possibly fix it and how can you avoid it in the future. That’s all!

However, don’t be too harsh on yourself! Mistakes are part of our lives and sometimes you just can not avoid them.

Be thankful

Be thankful! 🙂 This is a perfect way to find the good in your life and generate positive self-talk.

Try to be grateful for everything that happens in your life.

However, if you’re having a hard time doing that, keep track of everything that made you smile or made you thankful. Also, at the end of the day, you’ll realise how small your problems actually are.

Stop comparing yourself to others

You’re unique and that is your power after all!

You should accept and embrace your own values and uniqueness. Also, I know it’s quite hard to not look at what other people are doing and to not compare yourself with them, but it’s not quite healthy.

Once you see that you have your very own path, you will also realise that no one can be you and that for sure is a boost of confidence.

Individuals that are better off or worse than you, will always be around. It’s crucial to focus on yourself and be thankful for what you have.

Stop comparing yourself to others and start living your own life.

Lastly, daily positive self-talk is not impossible to reach, all you have to do is to see the best in situations. Start seizing the day and always see the good in you.

Here’s to women empowerment! 🥂

Hello my favourite readers,

I came across this article in a magazine recently where they discussed about how important it is for your clothes to match the way you feel. Well, that’s interesting I said to myself! Then, I went away and think about how would this apply to me? I realised that for me, to feel positive and motivated I need clothes to lift me up and empower me rather than match the way I feel. What if I feel lazy and tired? I wouldn’t want to wear things that encourage me to stay in that state of mind, but rather to dress in such a way to push myself forward. That’s the inspiration for today’s article on how to express your positivity through your fashion style. Keep on reading to find out exactly what you need to do to motivate yourself on a day when you don’t feel like doing pretty much anything!

1. Wear the same colour mix

I touched on this in my previous post actually, but wearing a single colour or similar colours really make me feel relaxed and ready to start working on my goals for the day. It’s my little trick of motivating myself in those days when I would rather go to a spa instead, even on weekends.


2. Give stylish belts a GO

Are you accessorising your outfits frequently? That’s great! I feel like belts are doing so much for an outfit, far more than bracelets or necklaces. The whole vibe changes when I add a belt – especially if it has wide gold elements on it. Try wearing different shapes of belts (narrow or wide) and see which ones work best for different outfits. I would recommend narrow ones for skirts and wide ones for jeans or worn on top of your outwear coat. Get ready to take your outfits to another level.


3. Wear your hair in a stylish bun

Sometimes a stylish bun is exactly what you need to get your motivation on. For me a bun says ‘I can do this’ louder than hair worn down (unless it’s curly). Who’s with me? 🙋🏻 Put your bun on and expect loads of motivation kicking it. Actually don’t expect it, it’s a mind exercise – imagine it kicking in! 

4. Wear your favourite shirt

Wearing your favourite shirt can do wonders to your mood. Wear it when you feel down or unmotivated to feel a little bit happy inside.

5. Say hi to smart shoes!

Hello, beautiful shoes. I know trainers can be comfy and trendy, however I feel like they won’t help your mood. Getting too comfy is not going to boost your motivation, but the opposite. Stay classy and go for smart shoes or sandals over the ‘everyday’ sports shoes.


6. Apply a natural glowy make-up (Kourtney K style)

Can we just take a moment to appreciate this video of Kourtney K for Vogue? Love her or hate her, she actually shared some actionable tips in here. I love this natural look and it will just make you feel so fresh! P.S: Try the scrub she made, it’s awesome – I used it on dry lips and worked wonders.

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 16.44.54.png

Image: Vogue.com

7. Nourish yourself with a protein salad

I love to cook healthy (if it’s under 15 minutes of course) and treat myself to a nice nourishing meal. On a day where I feel down and need something to lift my mood, I would prepare a delicious Salmon or Tuna, Avocado & Spinach Salad and enjoy it to the fullest. It’s not just yummy, but it will also make you feel amazing from inside out as spinach contains Iron, Calcium & Magnesium and salmon is packed with Omega 3 and Selenium that improve brain function & contribute to your neurological health.


8.  Listen to your favourite podcast to get you going

I’ve started listening to Podcasts lately when I prepare food or when I put make-up on, instead of the usual background music. One Podcast that inspires me to give my best and constantly work for my goals is the Overnight success by Maria Hatzistefanis – founder of Rodial and Nip&Fab. I admire her so much for not giving up on her dream of establishing a beauty brand and working constantly for six years without seeing profits! That’s what I call a real commitment and dedication. Her podcast is about lifestyle, fitness and tips on achieving success from different entrepreneurs in various industries. If you’re not feeling too motivated, make sure you tune it first thing in the morning while you’re getting ready or on your way to work. It’s a real mood booster for me!

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 16.40.15.pngImage: Podcasts.Apple.com

9. Practice Positive Vocabulary

I mentioned the importance of speaking positively in the How to Become Your Most Confident Self | Action your Life Now post, and if you haven’t checked it already,  head over to it and decide for yourself if the power of words can influence your mood. I say, they certainly can 😉

10.  Go for a run

Even if you’re not a runner or a workout fanatic, going for a quick jog will lift you up and make you feel more in control. I moved out recently and I am now making the most out of my backyard by going for a run around the flat buildings & the backyard. It’s such a great therapy for when I’m feeling tense or unmotivated. Since I stopped going to the gym, I have replaced that routine with a run and workout exercises in the garage. Although you mind not feel like it, resit the urge to come up with excuses and just go. You will feel amazing afterwards! I would love to recommend a playlist, but I don’t actually listen to music when I work out, perhaps I should listen to some good tunes to keep me going. Let me know your playlist of choice below, I would love to find out great tunes to make me feel motivated.


That’s how to stay motivated and find ways to express your positive self through your style! What other things do you do to get more motivated to achieve your goals?

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Lots of love,