Progress means development towards an improved or a more advanced condition. It’s easy to feel stuck and not acknowledge all the great things you’ve accomplished so far. 

Even if you don’t notice your improvements on a daily basis, just know that you’re making progress in life. You are not where you were yesterday and definitely won’t be in the same place tomorrow. On times when you are feeling stuck and not sure if the path you are on is right, it’s best to sit back, take a deep breath and reflect. Reflect on the amazing things you’ve managed to achieve so far. 

Remember everyone moves at different paces. Where you are now might not be the same place a dear friend is at. Or vice versa. We are all different, from our interests, passions, values, and goals that we set in life. It’s time for you to start affirming your progress in life. I’ve put together my best proven to work 25 affirmations that keep me going and I’m sure they will too. Download them for FREE to get started 😉

But, when you sit back and reflect on the amazing things you’ve achieved, what should you focus on? Here are 5 signs you’re making progress in life:

You start to accept failure

You’re no longer scared to fail – actually, you’re eager to see what failure can teach you. This is one of the main indicators that development is happening. Embrace the chance of failure when you try something new. Welcome learning with open arms. 

You have a new sense of confidence | Progress

You’re no longer afraid to try new things and approaches. Apart from not seeing failure as your number one enemy, you now have the confidence to tackle new challenges. Even if you don’t have all the resources when approaching new things you are confident in your strengths and you are sure that somehow things will work out for the better. And you embrace change wholeheartedly.

The future makes more sense | Progress

Your future doesn’t seem so foggy now. You are in charge of your goals and dreams. And you are starting to work on them. You don’t have that feeling of an uncertain future. You made your action plan and you are slowly working towards achieving your dreams. Even if you are moving at a slower pace sometimes, that’s also an improvement. And it shows that you are consistent and certain about what you want in life. 

You are more positive and healthy

Another important indicator of making progress in life is your mood and your health. You are making healthier choices, and you are moving your body more. And you are not criticizing yourself. Actually you are viewing yourself on a positive note. Your mindset is on a positive note. You surround yourself with positive people and experiences, and you take pleasure in life. 

You are willing to sit back and reflect

If you’ve made it so far, it means you are truly making progress. You are on the right path of self-development. Even when you are feeling stuck you have the power to sit back and reassess the path you are on. And reflect on what actions you took and what led you to feeling stuck. This means you acknowledge your thoughts and feelings and situations and you seek to learn from them. Because every thought, feeling and situation is telling you something and you are willing to actually sit back and listen. 

Little steps, daily actions, the willingness to never stop and a focused mindset are what keeps you working towards your dreams. Celebrate even the smallest moments and achievements. This will make you more happy with the path you are on, and will give you that extra push to move forward. 

An important thing to always remember is that no matter where you are in your journey, you have to move forward. Stop looking at what other people are doing and just focus on what you want in life and your happiness. No one will give you these things, YOU have to search for them and work on them. No one can show you the right way to self-development, but you can take inspiration from other people and assess what aligns with your mission and values. 

If you can’t relate to all of the signs, it’s time for you to start affirming your progress in life. I’ve put together my best proven to work 25 affirmations that keep me going and I’m sure they will too. Download them for FREE to get started 😉

There are so many reasons why expectations ruin your progress. Expectations are what you think will happen in a certain situation. However, reality hits us hard sometimes. Some expectations can be good as they can help you overcome certain obstacles and chase your dreams, but others can be very unrealistic and they can create frustration, misunderstandings and more. If you are too attached to expectations can prevent you from seeing the reality as it is. This keeps you from taking certain actions or making certain decisions that can be in your best interest. 

Constantly hoping for better circumstances is a sign of not appreciating what you currently have. You could expect that after your promotion, you’ll be happier, in reality you’ll be overworked and stressed. You expect that after you buy a certain item it will give you immense satisfaction, when in fact it gives you temporary serotonin and after that you feel guilty about buying it. You plan to go to the gym, and set high expectations for yourself so that in 5 months you’ll have lost 20 pounds. When in reality, it doesn’t work like that and you put immense pressure on yourself and you don’t enjoy the process and the fitness activity. 

Here’s how to set healthy intentions for every action you take:

1. Be aware of the expectations you set

Be aware of the expectations you set for yourself and what you should actually expect. This allows you to escape the false promise that things will turn out differently than reality. When you encounter a new situation, ask yourself what the outcome could be. And what you wish the outcome will be. Ask yourself if it should be this way, and if they match reality. And if you feel disappointed, think if it was realistic to hope for your desired outcome. 

2. Consider your happiness above expectations

Accept what makes you truly happy. If you work a job only to buy yourself nice things, you’ll not get real satisfaction and your happiness will not be long-lasting. It’s perfectly fine to want more, but you can enjoy life so much more if you are content with what you currently have. Find happiness in the things you have now.

3. Create dreams and goals accordingly

You need a goal or a dream to keep you motivated. You need to believe in yourself that you are capable of achieving all you set out to achieve. But, you don’t need to set high expectations for yourself in order to accomplish them. You’re not obliged to have everything set before you turn 30. Having the perfect job right after graduating college, or even having the perfect life all the time. Set your dreams and goals, to what you want the end result to be. If your goal is to live a more fulfilling life, you need to work towards that. And accept that it’s not always going to be perfect and a smooth journey, and that’s alright. 

3. Practice gratitude

Appreciate the progress you are making, and accept the fact that everyone moves at different paces. You might not be where you wanted to be when you were 15, and that’s okay. Life happened and you are still on track to having the best life you want. But, you have to work for it. So, it’s nice to tell yourself that you are making progress on your own terms and you are also enjoying the entire journey. 

4. Change the way you see failure

Sometimes, when you are very keen on achieving your goals, you might not want to even start as failure can creep into your thoughts. You might start to think that if you work towards what you want, you might fail, and this will give you disappointment. Start by having a lot more confidence in yourself and create the life you’ve wanted. You can get ahead by doing my FREE 7-Day Challenge.

In the end, for every action you take and for every decision you make there will be some kind of outcome. But everything goes back to what are your thoughts and what intentions you set for yourself. It’s okay to have some expectations on how things can turn out. But make sure those expectations are not affecting your mental health, your journey. Take baby steps, always 🙂 

Above all, you need to have confidence in yourself that things will work out for the best. You need to nurture your self-esteem and create an environment where you can grow. If you need an extra push in this direction and get a little sense of accountability you can join my 7-Day Challenge. And get starting on getting your confidence levels up and start having the life you’ve wanted. https://app.open.ifuiwill.com/share/1949786398