This week I’m talking beauty, and how can I miss talking about a face transformation with facial gua sha. Gua Sha is a type of massage that was originally used in Chinese medicine to detofixy the body. Traditionally, Gua Sha can be done to the entire body, but nowadays the focus in on the face.

Let’s break down what Gua Sha means. Gua means to stroke, or press, and Sha reffers to the redness of the skin. In ancient Chinese beauty rituals the women implemented this type of detoxifying massage to the face as well. Of course, in a much gentle fashion to promote a healthy complexion and to prevent wrinkles.

Now, facial Gua Sha is a cosmetic massage tht promotes decreas of fine lines and wrinkles. Pairing this type of massage with an oil that has certain properties gives you incredible results. The oils selected for the facial Gua Sha promote healthy cell turnover, hydration.

The strokes and pressure you need to apply to the skin, are selected based on the anatomy of the face. But how does it tone the skin? By stimulating the muscles underneath the skin.

Facial Gua Sha has numerous benefits. The most important are that it softens fine lines, decreases puffiness, heals and prevents breakouts, and gives the skin a refreshed appearance. When gliding the stone on the face and neck, you need to apply pressure that stimultes the blood vessels and encourages fresh blood to rush to the tissue.

How do I use Gua Sha?

When using facial Gua Sha, I find it it’s best to cleanse the face beforehand and apply your oil of choice of cream. Your skin needs to be slippery so that the jade tool can glide smoothly without causing irritation or harming the skin.

First, you start by using the wider concave side of your tool. Start at the base of one of the sides of your neck, pulling it up, towards your jaw. Repeat this a few times and do the same on the other side of your neck. Move to the front of your neck, making the same upward movement

Then, with the smaller partin your Gua Sha, start scraping from the center of your chin. Scrape it along your jawline, going towards the bottom of your ears. Again, repeat a few times, and move to the other side.

After this, with flatter curve, scrape from the center of your face and massage the cheeks. Repeat a few times, preferably 5 times, and move to the other side. Use the small rounded end of your tool to massage the area under your eyes, pulling it towards the temples. Place the tool against your forehead with the largest curve, and gently pull it up towards your hairline.

Finally, repeat each movement at least 5 times before moving on with your regular skincare routine. Do this religiously and see a massive transformation in your skin. You’ll see that your complexion will look healthier, your face will depuff easily after a few Gua Sha swipes. And the most important part, your fine lines as well as wrinkles will decrease. Or you can easily follow this tutorial.

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Hello my beauty lovers,

How important is it for you to look out for more natural products? I am a supporter of sustainability and its positive impacts, therefore I’m always on the look for natural products and sometimes invest a bit more in sustainable ones for my own health, but also for the Planet’s landfill. Sometimes, huge brands launch products that are indeed more natural, but they claim to be bio or sustainable with no certification on the packaging. I had my eye on the newly launched Garnier BIO range as it’s Cosmos certified, but is it really natural? Let’s find out together!


The ingredient list? It looks really promising! Each of the products in the BIO range have one main ingredient (often a specific plant such as Lavander, Thyme, Argan) in the formula. The main ingredients come from particular counties in the world according to where the plant has great conditions to grow. Isn’t that reassuring? Designed for every skin type, the products smell so natural that you’ll take your bathroom for a spa! I find that so therapeutic as smell can trigger certain emotions and feelings.

Your Cleaning BIO Routine

Garnier have launched two organic products for your cleaning routine.The Garnier BIO Purifying Gel Wash is enriched with organic lemongrass, grown in Sri Lanka. It’s mainly targeted to normal and combination skin because the lemongrass will action any imperfections and unclog your pores. It’s super refreshing to apply, it’s just that kick (before coffee) that I need in the morning. If you’re on the hunt for a fresh & natural cleanser, than definitely this is for you. It’s so important to value your skin and ensure you’re on the right track when it comes to ingredients.


Once you’ve washed your face, don’t forget about your toner. A smart beauty brand knows and understand our needs, so Garnier has also included a Thyme infused toner to balance out our sebum levels. This Garnier BIO Perfecting Toner brings together everything that I need in one: a toner that purifies and doesn’t leave out dry skin. Trust me when I say that even my combination skin gets dry from unsuitable toners, so this product is a total game changer for me. It’s definitely one to look out for when replacing your toner.

Glowing Facial Oil

Hello, Lavander, goodbye unnourished skin! This Glowing BIO Facial Oil is amazing and probably my favourite product from the range, it just leaves my face so smooth. I use it to take off my make-up as a fist step of my beauty routine or just as a moisturising mask. It’s so similar to other big brands out there and ultimately does the exact same thing. Win, win!


Daily Moisturisers

The Garnier Moisturisers in the range are individually designed for each skin type – the Garnier Rich Argan BIO Nourishing Moisturiser for dry skin and the Garnier Lemongrass BIO Moisturiser for oily skin. They get absorbed into your skin so fast – it’s really helpful if you apply make-up on top of it. I just don’t like it when I have tick cream on my face. They can can work beautifully alongside your current routine for that extra glow! They’re both Cosmos Organic certified and really easy to carry around on holiday or even on your commute.

Anti Wrinkle Cream

What I love about it? The smell of Lavender and feeling of this Garnier BIO Anti Wrinkle Day Cream! This product has quickly became part of my beauty routine. It’s ticker than the daily moisturiser, so I mainly apply it on my forehead and any smile lines around my moth. It’s perfect for night time because Lavender can really relax you and put you to sleep. Get ready to wake up energised!


Overall, I would say that this range is definitely one to incorporate in your routine because it’s highly focused on one particular ingredient and gives you that natural feeling of taking high care of your skin. Oily, normal or dry skin this range has something for everyone! Make sure you shop it on Notino because they have amazing deals for different products, including skincare, makeup and lifestyle products. Check them out, I’m sure you’ll love them as much as I do 🙂


What’s your favourite skincare product at the moment?

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