Putting together outfits can be both a pleasure, but also a tremendous task if left last minute. Browsing through your wardrobe when the least thing you have is time, can be a daunting activity to start your day with. In case you don’t find time to plan your weekly wardrobe as recommended in The Mindset of High Achievers & Habits for Achieving your Desired Fashion Style or you forgot to plan for that day, this article will help you get ready fast. Let’s reveal some top tips for a more fashionable you!

Pick dresses over trousers and tops

Not only dresses are easy to wear, but they can instantly make you look fabulous. I would suggest keeping your dresses (in both causal and smart style) on hangers, so anything you would pick can be suitable for what you might have planed for the day ahead: important meeting in the office / casual day. I unconsciously timed myself lately, as I keep on wearing dresses. It takes me about 5 minutes to pick up my dress and shoes! I’m seriously thinking to do a closet tour for you so it would be better to capture the way my wardrobe is organised, so let me know if you would like to see that in future posts?

What goes on top?

If I have a meeting, then I will wear a smart blazer on top of my office dress. If I have to spend the day in the office, I will swap that for my leather jacket. I keep a blazer and a leather jacket on the hanger near my front door. In that way, I just grab my top layer and leave!

Outfit Option One: The Head Turner

No lie, I have turned to many heads with this outfit. And so many random compliments (not only the ‘hey, beautiful’ ones, but genuine ones too). I really believe that a bright colour can make you look super put together and adds that glow on you as well!

Shoes wise, the perfect shoe for me are combat boots. They go with everything. I love the effect they have on my legs when I’m wearing a dress or shorts. Summer, autumn, winter – no matter the season, I’ll be wearing them. And you should too! What’s not to love about them?

tips for becoming a more fashionable you miss andrada

Outfit Option Two: Office Confidence Boost

Lately I’ve been having meetings with important clients in central London (I also work in digital marketing), so under no circumstance I could be wearing my combat boots there.

For these type of meetings, I no longer plan my outfits ahead, but just open up my wardrobe since I have so well organised. One morning, I tried this dress and picked up a nicely cut blazer. Done! Without the fuss of choosing three different items. You can do it too.

miss andrada outfit in under 5 minutes

To wrap things up, having dresses on the hanger and shoes ready saves up precious time in the morning. You’d feel more organised and instantly more fashionable! When something becomes our second nature, inevitably we feel successful. Ready to feel successful? Try out my tips!

Top Time Saving Style Tip: If you have to wear make-up that day (I don’t wear make-up on a day to day basis as I often go to the gym), take it with you and just apply it at some point during the day. Least thing you want is waking up 40 minutes earlier to do your make-up. Time waste!

Accessorise with sunglasses and you’re set to go! What are you tips for feeling more fashionable on a daily basis?



Hello again girls,

How have you been? I bet you’ve been busy. We all are. All the time. Will we let us stop us from looking fabulous? Right now, I want to talk to you about a routine we as ‘the I want-to-do-it-all girls’ should all have to look and feel ‘a million dollars’ every day.

4 steps to be stylish and don’t spend 5 h getting ready

1. Use less make-up products to be ready quick

Although I really don’t wear make-up everyday as I go to the gym at lunch time, but for the days I want to wear it, I made my own 5 minute make-up routine to quickly apply it before I go to the office. All you need is 5 products and you’ll be ready in wow… 5. Try this: foundation, liquid eye-liner, mascara, natural contour kit, brow kit. Trust me, it’s all you need to look amazing. Try to limit yourself to as little products as possible to avoid the temptation to put eyeshadows at 8 o’clock in the morning just to spend 30 minutes on the make-up. Time waste..

miss andrada x notino estee double wear.jpg

2. Plan your outfits once a week

As you probably have seen in The Mindset of High Achievers – Habits for Achieving your Desired Fashion Style, you should plan your outfits once a week. In that way, you wouldn’t have to browse all your wardrobe in the morning to decide on your next one and more importantly, it will save you time on ironing in the morning. You got it! Plan & iron once a week for increased productivity.

3. Do your hair in the morning for 5 minutes

Since I have cut my bangs, I am washing them and straightening them everyday. There’s no way my hair will look good if I don’t straighten it just a little bit in the morning. Again, I only do it for 5 – 6 minutes and it looks good. I just feel better when my hair looks put together. Try this even though you don’t have bangs.

miss andrada leather jacket spring outfitt zara

4. Eat healthy

You are what you eat and the more healthy you eat, the better you will feel and the nicer you will look. Carbs and sugar can make you look fat and tired; plus they have negatives effects for your skin too. Reduce the number of carbs and sugar and you will feel amazing results. Opt for a salad in the morning, chicken & vegetables for lunch and salmon for dinner.

miss andrada healthy breakfast ideas.jpg

And this is all. Follow these 4 steps and get you looking impeccable all the time 💋 By sharing this article on Facebook, you will help me achieve my goal of improving more girls’ lives.

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Until next time,


Hello my lovelies,

It’s almost half of the month and I have to admit what a blogging journey this have been and will continue to be. One of my top aims when I went back to blogging in January was to attend the London Fashion Week this season. And I’m trying to say this in the most humble way I possibly can, but I’ve made it on the guest list!! (screaming right now) There are no words to describe what I felt when I read that email, but the super used cliché – a dream come true. This proves that anything you put your mind to do, trust me, YOU CAN DO IT! Focusing on your passion when there are millions of things around to distract you, can be hard. It just takes planning, smart work (instead of hard work), time scheduled for it and no excuses. If you’re fully motivated, you’ll find a way around it. Plus, I’m always here to support you!

Now that the life talk is over, we can dive right into today’s outfit. Ah, just as I write this, I look outside on this café’s window and I see people wearing hoods, running away from the pouring rain. This reminds me: I took the umbrella out of my bag just before shutting the front door this afternoon, thinking that it’s not going to rain and I’ll be just fine. Oh, how wrong I was! But it’s all good, I won’t let rain put me off.

I should have learnt this lesson as end of January and beginning of February was so rainy in London ☔️ It’s weird when all your outfits depend on weather, isn’t it? It’s also funny because I feel I use rain as the perfect excuse to wear my rain ‘snake’ boots and super cute raincoat (kindly borrowed from my beautiful boyfriend aka shamelessly stolen from his wardrobe). You’re the best, baby!

The comfy raincoat
I came across this article in Vogue February and they were discussing pairing a raincoat with bare skin. Now, I’m usually super cold in winter, so I wouldn’t go for it on an usual going to the office kind of day. But I would definitely give it a try for a casual meeting during the weekends. Let’s try it together girls, let’s be bold this season!

raincoat miss andrada february outfit

I teamed my raincoat with a pair of over the knee socks and crazy boots. Let a bit of bare skin to show for that sexy feeling. Beat that rain, girl! You’re unstoppable.

london, howtostyle, outfit, raincoat,missandrada february outfit raincoat

Rain boots, anyone?
Get crazy with the colours / patterns in here and you’ll feel one step closer to spring. I found my ‘snake’ boots in a random fashion boutique in a mountain resort in Romania, about three years ago. It was l💕ve at first glance. Patterns have always fascinated me. Wherever you see a cool pattern, think about ways of wearing it. Usually, I like to play it safe and don’t mix patterns together, although I found some really cool mixes at Dolce & Gabbana. Who knows? Next, you might see me wearing stripes and dots in the same outfit.

missandrada, howtostyle, rainboots, februaryoutfit

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I am wearing

Raincoat by Cato
Rain boots by Blue Moon
Over the knee socks by H&M

Lots of love,