The wonders of London Fashion Week. By day 2 my feet were hurting like never before. What have I done? I was asking myself. I stuck my foot in that stiletto boot because I wanted to be on time for my first show the night before. My toes were so numb the next day – my body was feeling just a bit tired, but I really wanted to do Day 2. I’ve put on some natural make-up, my Fenty Pumas and walked out my door. Keep on reading to find out exactly what to wear to make the most of this week!

What to wear at London Fashion Week

In terms of what to actually wear the events, I highly recommend shoes that you can walk around in, queue in and most importantly feel just a bit comfortable in (cause we all know high heeled comfortable shoes are just so hard to find).  I chose to wear my Pumas in day 2 because my feet were killing me (I had my toes numb for 2-3 weeks after just 4 hours in heels the day before). You can opt for boots, pumas, low heeled sandals or even high heels if you’re convinced they are bearable.

Depending on the event’s nature, you can decide whether you want your outfit to be casual chic or a bit more elegant. I am not the type of person to be walking around in a wedding attendant’s dress, so please don’t go overboard! I’ve seen it all! Below is the outfit that I wore during day 2 and it got a lot of people noticing it and loving it – it fully represents me. Always go for something that represents you: remember that you’re not there to adhere to a dress code, but rather to express yourself and network with people just like you. That’s how you do proper networking and actually enjoy the day; just put your best self forward and approach people next to you.

What to wear at London Fashion Week

Hair and make-up? Whatever makes you happy 🙂

Do have a look at Day 1 outfit and get a closer look at what can go or not during LFW.

Let’s see how Day 2 went by, shall we? I regrouped with my lovely Saffy and some cool girls we met the day before and started the day! That’s what I love about Fashion Week – you get to know people once and throughout the days, you keep bumping into them. It’s just great – you know how much I love chatting over champagne or cocktails!

First Stop: The Rohmir SS19 Show

Ah the goose bumps because of the amazing ballet on French music! When Si tu n’existe pas started my mood was lifted: I was so happy to watch their performance. I was already in a good mood when the models started the catwalk. My favourite outfit? I can’t pick one! I was in love with the big gowns & crowns and the over-sized knots over tops.

The colour palette was a mix of nude colours and browns, but also quite contrasting, the models were wearing baby pink and bright navy blue. I feel like navy blue was super popular on the cat walks. I think I saw it more than black! Can you imagine? What made a statement in her shows were also the hair and make-up.

Watch the highlights: www.rohmir.com


Where can you wear the new collection?

  • Cocktail parties
  • Award Nights
  • Weddings


Rosella May Presentation

A casual vibe was dominating the room – models were taking instant pictures and casually walking to the bar to get refreshments. It was almost a feeling of interacting with the actors in their break. The models kept things professional and did an amazing job in introducing us to the vibes.


White was dominant in Rosella May’s showcase. The splashes of paints had an amazing impact on the clothes. It was almost like breaking the pattern and adding a layer of fun to the casual clothes. The collection made me get myself a pair of dungarees – my first pair actually as I never worn one – funny right?

I loved how the make-up was complementing the colour splashes I talked to you about. It made me see the art behind this collection.

                     Orange graphic lines


Pink and yellow lines


My favourite part?

The presentation was very well thought through – the picture wall was amazing because it was interactive; fresh pictures taken on camera were pinned to the wall which I found super original.

Rosella May by STEFAN-17.jpg

Pictures taken by Pop PR.

I hope you got a good view of what you can wear at London Fashion Week and that you’re super ready for next season! Hope to see you there 🙂

Thank you very much Pop PR for having me at Fashion Week this season.

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So, you’ve made it on the guest list! Congratulations for putting in the hard work that took you so far! You should feel amazing because this is a reward that can change your blogging path. As, we’ve already covered how to collaborate with brands and make them your best friend, now we’re focusing on what you should wear to inspire confidence and make heads turn. I’m not talking about being the freakiest freak (I’ve seen that type) who only want attention for the sake of it. Instead, I’m referring to clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable while wearing them.

Elegant Chic or Casual?

It’s a matter of preference, but elegant items can totally win over casual outfits at Fashion Week. Wear some elegant long pants or an elegant / edgy top paired with skinny black jeans and stilettos. You will look expensive and believe it or not people will be more interested to hear what you have to say. Dress to impress or maybe dress to get noticed as a good example and to start conversations. I noticed that people respect elegant outfits and it’s a game changer for networking. For Fashion Week, it’s important not to go too far because the least you want to do is put on a gown or a party dress. Elegant chic is what you’re actually after. Own it and get ready for amazing things to happen.

Let’s explore the latest fashion trends that will turn your outfit into your next favourite one.

 Logo Shirts

They are so trendy at the moment! I mean, they are such a big statement that no wonder they’re popular again. This one has ruffle sleeves which makes it more elegant than a normal T-shirt. Go for a touch of colour if your outfit is plain black – Remember! You want your outfits to be remembered at the events. If you live in the UK, Mint Sisters Bournemouth’s Boutique have a selection of unique clothes that stand out!

Latest Fashion Trends What to wear at Fashion Week.jpg

Black Faux Leather Pants

If you’ve read my blog for a while now, you might know that they are top on my list. I think they look cooler than jeans. When attending events consider items that make you feel good and look edgy in the same time.

Fashion latest trends what to wear at fashion week.jpg

Faux fur

Elegance and faux fur go hand in hand. This season, there were people campaigning against faux fur at FF. Not that their opinion matters, but you must know before deciding to wear it, that there can be things that can impact your mood.

Latest Fashion Trends What to wear at london fashion week.jpg

Patent Jacket 

A patent jacket is your best friend at Fashion Week! Oh, so chic!

miss andrada latest trends in fashion.jpg

Ruffle Sandals

I always go for high heels when I’m attending events as I really think they make the overall look more sophisticated.

miss andrada latest fashion trends ruffle sandals.jpg

Statement sun glasses

They are a must! You’ll see lots of bloggers and designers wearing them. Let’s be honest who doesn’t feel cool while wearing sunnies? Be careful not to hide behind them and look unapproachable. Wear them outside and please don’t wear them while watching a show. It’s unnecessary and you’ll make everyone else think you’re full of yourself.

I am wearing

Logo T-shirt: Mint Sisters Bournemouth

Black Faux Leather Pants: H&M

Ruffle Sandals: Benvenuti

Bag: Leather Lane Market

Patent Jacket: Guess

Disclaimer: Mint Sisters sponsored the logo shirt feature. All opinions are my own. 

Have an amazing time while networking and watching great shows! If you liked this article, please share it on Twitter to start the convo with your girlies.

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