Hello there girls,

Graduation is approaching, so a huge congratulations to you for all your hard work and perhaps some sleepless nights that led to this important moment. To honour this occasion, you would want to look fabulous! The pictures you will take will have to pass the test of time and you need to feel confident with your decision. From a girl who is not girly, this must be a huge challenge. NO WORRIES! I’m here to help.  Let’s browse to options that you have and get you inspired for the big day.

The white strapless dress

I will always recommend going for a strapless dress. The bone structure just above your cleavage is to me one of the most beautiful parts of the the body. A short white dress is a great option that will make you look innocent and sexy in the same time.  If white is not really your thing, you can go for a nude, yellow or baby blue. Anything pastel will look amazing in contrast with your graduation gown. This is the one I was wearing last summer while graduating from Birmingham City University with a degree in Marketing, Advertising & PR.

graduation dress bcu

I’ve got mine on Bohoo.com, a place where I don’t usually shop, but at time I knew what I had in mind and all the other stores had weird options. So, one tip from me: search all internet for the piece you want even though you will end up in a weird store: you never know how cool it will look.


The classic little white dress

I feel like a Hollywood actress in this Asos dress: so simple and beautiful. You will look amazing and feel a thousand dollars! Definitely a great choice for the event!


The princess black dress 

The definition of class. A princess dress is wonderful for this occasion. You can either go for a black dress or for a Darling flower patterned dress as my mum is wearing. To be honest, I stole her dress once or twice, but it’s just so beautiful.

We wish you a happy birthday! (1)

I know choosing your dress might be a nerve-wracking process, so I am hoping the post helped you decide a little bit quicker! Have an amazing time and don’t forget to feel proud for everything you have achieved.

Which dress is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below 🙂