Hello lovelies,

How is March treating you so far? I feel like this is the busiest month for me! With loads of reports to write, attending photoshoots, having dear people over and moving houses, I feel like days are flying by. But I’m really having the best time.

If the last outfit ideas were a bit too colourful for you, I have another great option: all black. I sound so extreme now! But really, we all love an all-black outfit (except from Anna Wintour).

I love it how when I twin with someone, I get to write about two outfits in the same post, so everyone gets the most out of it. Let’s go!

Fish Net Dress, Black boots & Cat Eye Sunglasses

miss andrada all black spring timemiss andrada all black outfit.jpgmiss andrada all black outfit spring.jpg

I don’t wear loads of dresses, but honestly this dress feels like a long t-shirt. Quite cool if you think about wearing something that’s not too boy-ish but not very feminine. I feel that this approach kind of defines my style. Wear it with a pair of cat eye sunglasses though for that chic element. You can wear it during Saturday evenings while you’re out and about, but also during day time. It’s the outfit every modern woman needs actually, because it’s super cool to be able to just show up without having to change five times a day.

 Black skinny jeans, Knee-high boots, Embroided Jacket, Hat & Square Sunglasses


Getting some Michael Jackson vibes with this outfit. Don’t stop ‘til you get enough; it’s that empowering. Keep the other items plain, so that your jacket will stand out. I feel like wearing it during day time could be more suitable than evening time, so get your walking mood on and enjoy the day in this gorgeous outfit.

 Tip: When wearing all black, add a red lipstick for that amazing contrast!

miss andrada all black outfits .jpgmiss andrada all black outfits sunglasses.jpg

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