Happy May!

It’s my favourite month of the year! The (slightly) warmer weather, the flowers, happier people and my birthday coming up make me really excited about starting fresh. It might also be the fact that I just moved houses and I feel so much happier in the area as it’s pretty much reminding me of home. I’m looking at the backyard now and the sun rays look so beautiful hitting the leafs and flowers and I can’t help but think about how much I appreciate this place. I’ve also started working out more outside and somehow getting inspired to try different styles in my Spring wardrobe. I also started feeling really good in white dresses and it’s a new feeling for me. What made me rethink some of my fashion choices and how can you wear clothes that show your stylish edge this season? Let’s find out 💫

When I feel happy, I want all my outfits to show that. You know what they say, ‘look good, feel good’, so make that your mantra for the season. I somehow find myself only browsing for white items lately or black (that escalated quickly, right?). I started to enjoy pulling off a more neat look. Don’t you feel more put together when you’re really dressed as ‘less is more’? As much as you might enjoy shopping especially for an occasion, for example holidays prep or a special event, try to wear a new outfit in May for yourself and for your own happiness. As you know, I don’t encourage constant shopping and getting into fast fashion constantly, every now and then it’s totally alright to treat yourself to something new that is going to make you feel amazing!

Feel Good in White Dresses | The Secret You Have to Know to Feel Relaxed

The concept of ‘less is more’ is actually a state of mind and it’s the perfect time to get into when you have lots going on in your life. Dressing like less is more, helps me clear my mind when I’m juggling lots of tasks during the day. What is the secret you need to know to feel relaxed? Well, I guess you know it by now: wear something that will make you feel super neat and ready to nail the day.

Feel Good in White Dresses | The Secret You Have to Know to Feel Relaxed notagirlygal

I bought this white dress as a treat at the beginning of Spring and I love how easy it is to find different occasions to wear it to. This week I was invited to a networking event hosted by Enty App and it was really inspiring to meet different women in business and all share our ideas on jewerlly and fashion.

Your turn now. How are you feeling more relaxed? Does your style reflect the way you feel? Let’s get chatting in the comment section below 🙂

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