Heya lovelies,

How is your summer going? Even though London is hot right, I feel like I will miss the summer sunsets, the nice picnics in Kensington Garden and the cool summer outfits and oh the summer travelling.

When it comes to summer outfits, I do have some pet peeves. You know it’s all about positivity here and everybody is wearing whatever they like. In the same time, I would like to give you some guidance on mistakes I have noticed – from my personal point of view of course- when it comes to wearing low waist shorts.


The number one mistake: Low waist shorts paired with a crop top

I think the title said enough already. Why would we even consider looking like we’re having a ‘daytime bathing suit’ on? Only covering the top and the bottom doesn’t look appropriate or high class. Instead of going for a crop top, try to pair low waist shorts with a on the shoulders blouse or a ruffle blouse.

  1. Cropped shoulders blouse

Why does this look better?

The pants are plain white – this allows me to add a pattern if I feel like it, so I have chosen to wear a polka dot blouse. Notice how the shoulders stand out in this all white outfit. It’s better to have one focus point in your outfit, than to have too much going on. The outfits can then look very much random and not making much sense. It would be a shame as you actually have planned it, right? So keep your focus to one point of the outfit. In this case: the cleavage.

how to wear white shorts

        2.  Ruffle Blouse

Why does this look better?

Same as above really. I kept the focus on the ruffles of the blouse instead of going for showing bare skin everywhere. Much more appropriate and cooler in the same time. And yes, I do love an all white outfit lately!

miss andrada how to wear white low waist shortsmiss andrada how to wear white low waist shorts

Keep on reading for more cool tips

  1. When wearing basic shorts like the ones here do not pair them with a basic tank top – it will result in a boring outfit. Who needs boring stuff in her life?
  1. The longer the coverage on your upper part, the more focus you’ll give to your legs. Wear a leather jacket or a statement blouse.


If you’re choosing denim shorts, then a cool look would be to pair them with a nude knit for summer. A bit of West End vibes don’t hurt us, right?

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