winter gift guide


I decided to put together this Winter Gift Guide, so you can take a little bit of inspiration and relax knowing that there’s something you can gift to everyone this Christmas 🙂

Usually, many people are overthinking gift making and feel a certain pressure when browsing through endless items. Well, if there’s one thing you should know about me is that I’m quite a good gift maker (if I say this myself haha).

The winter season is magical in every way. From Christmas movies to mulled wine and snowy cities. Honestly, I’ve always loved winter. However, although there are so many reasons to feel energised, sometimes the simple fact that you can’t choose the right gift for those around you can add a certain pressure on you. Usually, many people are overthinking gift making. Well, if there’s one thing you should know about me is that I’m quite a good gift maker (if I say this myself haha).

So, with this Winter Gift Guide, I’m here to help you easily choose a gift and focus on the beauty of the season.

The Recipe for a Perfect Christmas Gift

Before jumping into the content, there are three things you should remember when thinking of the perfect gift:

  • It must come from the heart. If when you look at it, you feel joy and happiness, image how happy the receiver would be.
  • Try to make it personalised or ensure that person absolutely loves the theme of your gift!
  • Never buy a gift just for the sake of buying. Don’t buy something just because it’s Christmas and never say ‘I didn’t know what to get you’. That will totally take away the magic.

1. A Unique Christmas Globe

Everyone loves beautifully decorated Christmas trees. Well, a nice and sincere way to show someone that you’ve thought of them is to buy them a unique Christmas globe. It can have glitter, lights or a picture of you two inside. You can choose such an accessory taking into account the preferences and tastes of the person you want to offer it to. This gift is perfect for those Christmas lovers who never have enough decorations 😉

2. Home slippers

Some fuzzy home slippers are super cute! These UGG ones are so fun: I love the modern elements such as the strap combined with the classic shape. You can buy a gift like this for anyone in your family. I’m sure they’ll fall in love.

3. Wool blanket

Do I need to explain why a wool blanket is a perfect Christmas gift? Well, wool is a very high quality material. Thus, the blanket will be perfect to keep warm, but also to induce a state of absolute comfort. The material is soft and smooth to the touch. Besides, you can find plenty of prints to choose from. Plus, look how beautiful they decorate the sofa!

4. Musician tees

Everyone has a favourite band. So, if you know your loved one has a band he or she loves, I suggest you buy them a musician tee. These types of t-shirts are extremely sought after in 2021. Everyone has one or wants one. I’m sure you can’t go wrong with this one for music lovers!

5. Silk pyjamas

This one’s for the ladies in your life. I’m in love with my silk pyjamas and I’m sure your loved ones will too. The soft fabric makes me feel so feminine and classic. Besides, who doesn’t want to be fashionable even when sleeping? It’s time to make your ladies feel like real queens!

6. Books as collectible items

Books are a classic and great gift idea! After all, that’s why they’re included in this Winter Gift Guide. Hundreds of categories to choose from, dozens of increasingly unique copies.

If your receiver loves Harry Potter for example, you can buy them a premium version of the book. It’s a perfect opportunity for them to re-read it and have a nice collectable item.

All things considered, these are just a few ideas for the perfect Christmas gift. I hope I’ve helped you find your inspiration. After all, the decision is in your hands. If you have any questions or Christmas gift suggestions, feel free to slide in my Instagram DM’s (@notagirlygal).

Until next time,

Miss Andrada