Finding the time to write for your blog and create the best pictures for it might seem to be a struggle at first. I started blogging in September 2017, but I wasn’t posting constantly just because I was coming up with excuses. Tiredness, creative blockages and not enough motivation are all factors that can lead to making you stop posting when your biggest constraint is time. When you feel that way remember the habits of high achievers I wrote about in The Mindset of High Achievers – Habits for Achieving your Desired Fashion Style. They are always oriented towards progress. They don’t quit because their goal is their habit.  Let’s take a closer look at how you can write up content, keep up with your photoshoots, blog research brand collaborations and schedule all your posts in an agenda.

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Make Blogging your Habit and Set Weekly Goals

So, all I am saying is that making blogging your habit needs to be your priority. You’ve made live your blog because you had passion, so don’t lose it. Even though you are busy at work and feel tired after a long day, you have to push yourself. Establish weekly goals you want to achieve. Say for instance, this week you want to email brands, give your blog a new look or even write 2 more posts for your post stack. Start with one of these goals and make sure that by the end of Friday you have accomplished it. You will feel you are making constant progress. Don’t set yourself 10 goals per week when you first start as it’s better to start with a realistic plan. You can always extend your goals according to your personal performance. Here are some important goals you can achieve during the week:

  • E-mail a certain number of brands
  • Do Instagram Hashtag Research for your next 4 posts
  • Discover 20 new bloggers on Instagram
  • Join a new platform for brand collaborations
  • Write a certain number of posts
  • Edit photographs and rename them for SEO
  • Add new plug-ins to your website
  • Give your website a new look
  • Attend events related to your blogging topic and network
  • Don’t get overwhelmed about the amount of things you can do; start with a number you’re comfortable with and then extend it; by week three push yourself to become even more productive.

How to Plan your Content

I think content planning is my favourite part of all. I usually try to work one month in advance. So, in April I would plan for May. Since January, I have decided to post once a week and so far I have done so! One full day a month (in the beginning) I would sit down with my fashion magazines and blogs to have what I call a ‘creative session’. That’s where all content for next month is happening. I come up with ideas, I scrap them down, I look for new clothes, I read different articles. Then, I would come up with my own content ideas for the month to come! I am keeping track of everything in my blogging agenda that has a glittery butterfly cover that I LOVE. It’s just an agenda with lined pages, but I would dedicate one page for each blog article. Each page includes the post name, date of going live, deadline, photo shooting day and the things I need for it. I also have a Excel blogging template I downloaded that I use when I am travelling and I want to check what topics I can write on the go. And that’s how I plan my content and schedule it on my agenda.

How to Save Time at Your Photoshoots and Take your Own Pictures

Photoshoots is another HOT topic that I have seen lots of bloggers stressing about. How can you find time to take photos? In all honesty, I book my time for photoshoots as if they were doctor appointments. I can NOT miss one. I usually plan my posts in advance and I know what outfits I should shoot in one day. Another really helpful tip is to shoot two or three outfits per day, just so you can go photo shooting only once every two weeks. I only take pictures during the weekend, that’s why I prefer dealing with other blogging duties during the week.

One question I get asked a lot if I work with a photographer to take my pictures. The answer is it depends. I had worked with a couple of photographers, but I have invested in my own equipment and I usually go take pictures on my own. I use a tripod, so I set the camera on it on self-timer and I just pose. It’s pretty smart as it takes about 9 pictures every two / ten seconds, so I don’t have to set it every time I need to take a picture (that would be a nightmare!). The tripod is both a time and life saver. You can’t rely on someone else to take your pictures all the time. Of course, it’s super nice when it happens, but rely on your self first before anyone else, just so you make sure you will have content. So, I highly recommend you getting an DSLR camera and a nice tripod.

Remember, keep your blogging duties for during the evenings of the week and go for photoshoots every two weeks! Depending on how much you post, I recommend having enough footage for the next 3 weeks. Just work in advance and in a strategic way, so that blogging would never feel like something you always need to catch up on.

I really hope my advice has give you a better idea on how to keep up with blog while you’re busy from 9am to 5pm, 5 days out of 7. If you found this article useful, please share it on Facebook to help a dear friend out! 🙂

Until next time,