Career Motivation is on everyone’s lips right now. It’s absolutely normal not to feel as driven during this time. However, it’s highly important that you keep going and don’t feel deflated. These are five smart tips that you need to keep moving, even when the world is somehow stuck.

5 Smart Ways to Successfully Motivate Yourself

There are certain times in your career when you might feel down or not driven enough. Most people do change jobs when that happens. At any rate, I personally don’t find that to be the solution. It might work for the short term. Also, it seems just another way of running away from the problem. Career motivation is key when battling these feelings. But, how do you tackle it?

Career Motivation | 5 Smart Tips You Need

Get the head space you need

When you’re working full-time, there is not too much time for yourself. Create an early morning routine (I know, I said EARLY) that will get you valuable time to plan. Also, World leaders, CEOs, Founders – they all have early morning routines.

During this time, before you start work, you can either: learn something new, meditate, workout and plan your day ahead. Equally, it’s important to have some time for yourself to bring yourself back to your motivated self. After all, you will feel that you’ve accomplished something for yourself as well. A great start to your day will already make it more interesting.

Moreover, especially if you learn something new maybe about skill improvements at your day job or other technical skills, you’ll want to apply them straightaway. It will make your workload more fun because you’re learning something new that can be tested at your company. No company will refuse you doing more things, so just go ahead and ask if you can implement some tweaks here and there. They’ll really like it because it will benefit them as well.

Subsequently, finding this valuable time for yourself will do wonders to your career motivation. As a result, you’ll be more creative, more willing to try out new things and assess your career journey.

Make room for amazing resources

Here, I’m both referring to physical room and ‘room’ in your own life. Keep on reading to find out what I’m talking about.

Generally, they say that ‘Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body’. I remember sitting in this giant conference call at the Genting Arena in Birmingham. Tai Lopez was the next guest speaker. If there’s one thing that I took away from his keynote is how important reading books is. At any stage of your career or life. He reads everything online, but his main focus are books. As a matter of fact, reading entrepreneurial books or career oriented ones really inspire me. It stayed with me because I’ve had completed reading seven books in one month (January), so it reminded me of my habit.

Therefore, make room in your life to read. Squeeze in a chapter during that quiet time in the morning or before you go to bed. Put your phone on the side and focus on reading. However, if you prefer physical books, ensure you already have the space to store them.

In addition, there are so many motivational resources that you can use to lift your spirits up. I personally love podcasts! Two of my favourites are The Audio Experience by Gary Vee and the Overnight Success by Maria Hatzistefanis.

Career Motivation | 5 Smart Tips You Need

Follow your favourite mentors EVERYWHERE

In today’s World, it might be challenging to find and have a mentor that you’ve personally met. I’ve been lucky enough to look up to someone at my workplace, but now I have to use digital resources that my online mentors produce.

Nevertheless, looking up to someone who ‘has made’ it is such an easy way to motivate yourself. However, remember this, if he can do it, you can do it too. It’s all in the mindset.

Furthermore, search everything that they’ve produced: YouTube Videos and interviews, podcasts, their own websites, follow their content on social media.

Curious to know who inspires me?








Just go out there and do it

At the same time, I know it may be hard and it may feel very challenging to get your career motivation back. Not to mention motivation doesn’t happen overnight. So, you might feel like giving up. It’s important to acknowledge that.

But, being in that state of mind all the time will tremendously impact you. However, what can you do about it?

Firstly, you need to realise that this state does not define you. Therefore, acting upon it should become easier. So, don’t identify with this. It’s just a phase and with your help it shall pass.

Secondly, after you’ve identified your mentors and came up with a plan of action to boost your daily activities, don’t give up. Nevertheless, continue to educate yourself, to read and network with others.

Career Motivation | 5 Smart Tips You Need

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Andrada (NotAGirlyGal)

Hello everyone,

So happy to have you here today. We’re talking about one topic that is not covered so much on the fashion blogosphere: What to wear at work?! Tricky subject for me as I started working in the marketing industry last year, but I’m acing the subject as I go along. Keep on reading to find out how you can feel your best when dressed a bit more professional!

Tip number one: You need to find your own professional style by trying  various styles

Dress me in a corporate dress and I’ll feel weird for the whole day. I wouldn’t feel powerful in a standard dress and flats. For me, that’s just not going to work out. I tried everything: from simple dresses to jeans and blazers… and I got BORED! My industry is relaxed when it comes to office dressing because I work in an agency, so I don’t have to wear business attire. I do however feel that if I dress casual all the time, I just don’t feel stylish. I’d say I perfected my daily office look in time, so I recommend trying different options until you find something you feel comfortable with.

not a girly gal the work edition what to wear at work.jpg

Tip number two: Pick pieces appropriate for your age

The last thing you want is looking like you’re not your age. This applies to looking underaged or overaged. A blouse that is too serious for your age can work in your disadvantage. Instead, pick items that represent you: asymmetric earrings and fun blouses are perfect if you’re anywhere between 20-25+! Zara and Mango have a great selection of ‘office’ attire and it’s not boring at all! In fact, you can find the Zara blouse here and the Mango skirt here.


Tip number three: Skirts and high heels

Skirts will make you look more feminine and professional. Consider wearing heels if you’re attending meetings, especially if you’re the one leading them: they will empower you. I found mine in Zara, but you can probably shop the high street for a similar pair – I really love the geometric heel on these. I don’t really enjoy wearing tights, so let me give you a piece of advice: it’s always better to go one size higher than struggling all day to pull them up. You can find these in Zara too – they are so comfy (I got mine in S, 120 den).


Besides all the outfit tips, I think the most important thing to wear when you go to work is confidence: speak with confidence and always believe in your power to succeed and do amazing things. Your outfit is there to support your personality, so it has to match!

not a girly gal what to wear at work the work edition.jpg

Pictures taken by BBC Photographer, Rob.

Lots of love,