Winter 2020. It’s the season when lots of fashion fanatics show their new outfit matching skills and latest acquisitions on social media. It actually feels like everyone is ready to steal the spotlight on Instagram right now. How can you keep up with them? Continue reading to discover 5 winter trends you need to try this year.

1. Natural Tones

My absolute favourites. I’ve seen more and more bloggers dressed in natural tones from head to toe. If you want to recreate the look, for instance, you can try wearing a sandy-coloured turtle neck, with a beige leather skirt and a cozy neutral trench coat.

You will look like a fashion guru without even trying too hard. There’s a variety of tones waiting for you to try on: from camel browns, dark greens to pearly white. Every single one will probably make you look so stylish and needless to say, Instagramable.

2. Layering

We’re continuing our “5 winter trends” with layering. It takes confidence to try this trend, considering that you will need some fashion skills to succeed creating the perfect look. But, I’ve got you covered, girl!

My top tip: start with thinner materials and then work your way out. After all, layering looks amazing during winter and can also keep you warm.

Go ahead and shoot your shot! Maybe you will surprise yourself with your fashion skills.

3. Yellow Maxi Coats

Brighten up your day by wearing a Yellow Maxi Coat this winter. First of all, a colour as bright as yellow shall boost your confidence immediately.

Second of all, this is a piece you can easily work with. Therefore, you should try it and rock your way to the top.

4. Chain necklaces and hoop earrings

These jewelries combined make the perfect look for this winter.

This season, a chain necklace and a pair of hoop earrings will make your outfit pop. Who said more isn’t chic?

Boost your confidence and embrace your new style. Show everyone how important accessorising is and how well you can handle it.

5. Nude Slouch Boots

The fifth trend on our “5 winter trends” list is THE Nude Slouch Boots. Everyone needs to style a pair at least once this winter. They can make your fit look so stylish and complex. For instance, you can wear them with a white & beige outfit.

If you want to make them stand out, you can wear them with a black dress and even style a winter jacket on top.

All things considered, the trends this winter are specially made to boost your confidence and to make you stand out from the crowd. Therefore, I am glad to announce that I have prepared a giveaway for you over on my Instagram @notagirlygal.

I’m giving you the chance to win a Zara Voucher worth £50 so that you can treat yourself to some gorgeous pieces. 

Yours sincerely,

Miss Andrada xoxo

Hello everyone,

So happy to have you here today. We’re talking about one topic that is not covered so much on the fashion blogosphere: What to wear at work?! Tricky subject for me as I started working in the marketing industry last year, but I’m acing the subject as I go along. Keep on reading to find out how you can feel your best when dressed a bit more professional!

Tip number one: You need to find your own professional style by trying  various styles

Dress me in a corporate dress and I’ll feel weird for the whole day. I wouldn’t feel powerful in a standard dress and flats. For me, that’s just not going to work out. I tried everything: from simple dresses to jeans and blazers… and I got BORED! My industry is relaxed when it comes to office dressing because I work in an agency, so I don’t have to wear business attire. I do however feel that if I dress casual all the time, I just don’t feel stylish. I’d say I perfected my daily office look in time, so I recommend trying different options until you find something you feel comfortable with.

not a girly gal the work edition what to wear at work.jpg

Tip number two: Pick pieces appropriate for your age

The last thing you want is looking like you’re not your age. This applies to looking underaged or overaged. A blouse that is too serious for your age can work in your disadvantage. Instead, pick items that represent you: asymmetric earrings and fun blouses are perfect if you’re anywhere between 20-25+! Zara and Mango have a great selection of ‘office’ attire and it’s not boring at all! In fact, you can find the Zara blouse here and the Mango skirt here.


Tip number three: Skirts and high heels

Skirts will make you look more feminine and professional. Consider wearing heels if you’re attending meetings, especially if you’re the one leading them: they will empower you. I found mine in Zara, but you can probably shop the high street for a similar pair – I really love the geometric heel on these. I don’t really enjoy wearing tights, so let me give you a piece of advice: it’s always better to go one size higher than struggling all day to pull them up. You can find these in Zara too – they are so comfy (I got mine in S, 120 den).


Besides all the outfit tips, I think the most important thing to wear when you go to work is confidence: speak with confidence and always believe in your power to succeed and do amazing things. Your outfit is there to support your personality, so it has to match!

not a girly gal what to wear at work the work edition.jpg

Pictures taken by BBC Photographer, Rob.

Lots of love,


Hello there my girls,

As you’ve probably seen I have traveled a lot this summer and I mean A LOT. As I write this, I am getting ready for my next getaway to a destination that is close to my heart – the place where I turned 22 last year!

Now, as I’m used to packing and figuring out exactly what I need before I get there, I thought to put together my summer essentials.


1. The Summer Dress – Dresses won my heart this season and I’m loving the idea! Not that I’ve discovered the wheel or anything, but they are so easy to wear.  Why didn’t I get into them earlier?! Because I did not know how to mix them to fit my personality: if I wear a dress, I will wear it with boots or striped sandals. This Embroided Striped Zara Dress is just perfect for me.  I find this style trés chic, but you can choose any dress that makes you feel happy & free.

2.  Colourful Bag – I’ve had this Ralph Lauren bag since last Autumn, but I haven’t brought it out my closet that much. Now, I’m in love with it – even more than I did when I first got it. Strange right? I feel that a colour bag is amazing for summer – it gives me energy and adds on to my mood when I’m not feeling that positive.


3.   Straw Hat – This comes as a necessity rather than just an accessory. You need to wear a hat during these sunny days, especially if you’re travelling to a hot country. Believe me, this H&M Straw Hat saved me from many headaches and heat strokes.

miss andrada straw hat

 4.   Sandals – Probably, the best trend of all summers: lace sandals! Girl, these Zara ones are so sexy (you can tie them around your leg)! Needless to say, you’re probably wearing sandals in summer and you’d be better with these low heeled ones if you live in a big city or travel around!

  5.  Thermal Spring Water – One of my must haves for the season is a thermal spring water face spray! I mean, it’s so refreshing and keeps my skin hydrated. Check out this one by La Roche-Posay.

Have you seen my tips on the most Instagramable outfits for this summer?

Until next time,


Hello lovelies,

I am so happy to say that FINALLY, I have found the perfect Spring Suit. I can’t actually say that I was looking for one in particular, but surely I wanted a nice cut blazer. For me, yellow or mustard have always been the perfect colours to break into spring, as also seen in 2 outfit ideas to make you look gorgeous this spring. Why should you need a suit? Well, we all should have something elegant in our wardrobe that we can wear on an everyday basis as for party dresses I am sure we all have.

Wearing Women Suits 

I love a beautiful suit and this one is not a one piece, but rather two pieces that I have individually selected from the Zara website. They go so well together! Add a black pair of stiletto shoes and a cool clutch. It’s so simple to dress elegant! Simpler than you might think.

miss andrada the perfect spring zara suit 2018.jpg

miss andrada zara mustard blazer.jpg

miss andrada the perfect spring suit zara.jpg

miss andrada mustard zara blazer

mustard spring suit zara miss andrada.jpg



Be different, this spring!

Until next time,