Today I will share with you the best Spring 2021 make-up looks. From a simple and plain look to a vibrant and colourful one, this Spring, everything is possible ✨

Make-up in 2021 is so much more than just a touch of beauty. You can express yourself through make up whilst completing your look for the day. Embrace it and once you step in a room, you’ll be more radiant than ever – that is the power of good make-up.

Because this Spring the beauty industry has so many new trends you can try, I have put together the ultimate list with the best Spring 2021 make up looks.

Your Face Makeup

Before I start my list, we must take into consideration how different the times we live in are at the moment and how the trends changed over the years. In 2016 you used all your foundation bottles, lots of white concealer, bold contour and defined brows. Well, in 2021 the game has changed a lot.

Therefore, everyone goes for a more natural and glossier look these days. In the list below I will present you 5 different types of Spring make up. However, this paragraph is especially reserved for the face makeup due to its massive change and how natural it is now. You will also find the new trends for eyeshadow and lipstick below.

First of all, before you start your makeup don’t forget to apply some SPF 50 to your face – a must for anti-wrinkles and pigmentation! You can continue with a primer of your choice but I can suggest you try a shimmering one.

After these two important steps, you will start applying foundation in a small quantity and complete the look with a bit of concealer. Even if some time ago no one liked using blush, in 2021 I feel that you have to. Apply the blush and the contour considering your face shape and what points out your beautiful features. When it comes to your brows, you can try the soap brows trend or just draw them in a natural way. Complete your look with mascara or some foxy fake eyelashes.

1. Monochromatic

Be confident and risk it all with a monochromatic look. You can start with a radiant pink eyeshadow and use the exact same colour on your lips. This look is taken out of a fashion editorial , therefore you will look different and electric once you’ve finished your make up.

2. Bold Blush

Try blending some blush on your cheeks, temples and underneath your brow bones. This trend will make you look just like a spring fairy and will totally enlighten all of your face and features out in a natural and charming way. The best Spring 2021 make-up looks continues!

3. Gold Glitter Lids

After applying some brown toned eyeshadow, cut crease your lids and apply some powerful gold glitter pigment. Your whole face will brighten up and you will still look like a fashion icon this spring.

4. Add a bit of sparkle

This glitter trend created actually one of the best Spring 2021 make up looks. After you put on a base of nude eyeshadow, you should apply some glitter primer and then apply those wonderful little rhinestones that will level up your look for the day.

5. The nude lips are back

The nude lips are back and better than ever. The only thing you’ll have to do in order to complete this look is to line your lips with a nude lip pencil and then apply some gloss over. This look is not only easy to recreate but it is also such a trend and an inspiration for casual Spring days.

All things considered, these were the best Spring 2021 make up looks that I recommend you to try. Have you tried these trends and which one is your favourite?

Until next time,

Andrada xx


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