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So happy to have you here today. We’re talking about one topic that is not covered so much on the fashion blogosphere: What to wear at work?! Tricky subject for me as I started working in the marketing industry last year, but I’m acing the subject as I go along. Keep on reading to find out how you can feel your best when dressed a bit more professional!

Tip number one: You need to find your own professional style by trying  various styles

Dress me in a corporate dress and I’ll feel weird for the whole day. I wouldn’t feel powerful in a standard dress and flats. For me, that’s just not going to work out. I tried everything: from simple dresses to jeans and blazers… and I got BORED! My industry is relaxed when it comes to office dressing because I work in an agency, so I don’t have to wear business attire. I do however feel that if I dress casual all the time, I just don’t feel stylish. I’d say I perfected my daily office look in time, so I recommend trying different options until you find something you feel comfortable with.

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Tip number two: Pick pieces appropriate for your age

The last thing you want is looking like you’re not your age. This applies to looking underaged or overaged. A blouse that is too serious for your age can work in your disadvantage. Instead, pick items that represent you: asymmetric earrings and fun blouses are perfect if you’re anywhere between 20-25+! Zara and Mango have a great selection of ‘office’ attire and it’s not boring at all! In fact, you can find the Zara blouse here and the Mango skirt here.


Tip number three: Skirts and high heels

Skirts will make you look more feminine and professional. Consider wearing heels if you’re attending meetings, especially if you’re the one leading them: they will empower you. I found mine in Zara, but you can probably shop the high street for a similar pair – I really love the geometric heel on these. I don’t really enjoy wearing tights, so let me give you a piece of advice: it’s always better to go one size higher than struggling all day to pull them up. You can find these in Zara too – they are so comfy (I got mine in S, 120 den).


Besides all the outfit tips, I think the most important thing to wear when you go to work is confidence: speak with confidence and always believe in your power to succeed and do amazing things. Your outfit is there to support your personality, so it has to match!

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Pictures taken by BBC Photographer, Rob.

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