Travelling in Autumn is so beautiful. Many places can unleash their true magic when the leaves are turning orange, when the streets are busy with people enjoying the last rays of sunshine and when the rain slowly starts to make its way through the cities.

Pack up your bags, book that ticket and make your way to some of the nicest destinations!

1. Paris

During Summer, Paris tends to be very hot and busy – people travel from all over the world to visit the French capital’s museums and city attractions. But these are not the only things that attract them to Paris. It’s also about the unique architecture of the city, the delicious French food and pastries, the chic fashion and the romantic vibe.

There are many reasons why you should visit Paris during Autumn, but the main ones would be the pretty landscape and the overall poetic vibe: the yellow colours and the city’s magnificent architecture go wonderfully well together. Go on a boat ride and admire the beautiful view – you’ll fall in love with the city during this season.

Walks are another way of spending an enchanting Autumn evening in Paris. Take a walk around the city, go on the narrow streets near Sacré-Cœur and wander to Père-Lachaise Cemetery for some spooky memories. You won’t regret it – I find visiting famous cemeteries quite interesting because you get to see how death is being honoured in different cultures. Plus, Oscar Wilde, James Morrison and Frédéric Chopin are buried there.

If walks and cemetery strolls are not your cup of tea, you can head to the Montmartre Grape Harvest Festival (Fête des Vendanges) which takes place from Oct 6 to Oct 10 this year. The festival takes place on the streets where people can take part in concerts, street entertainment, tastings of artisanal and regional products, a dance, walks, visits and much more. I heard there are also some wine auctions you can take part in. If you’re a wine lover like almost every Parisian, this festival’s for you.

2. New York

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of! Well, that’s New York after all! Alicia Keys couldn’t have said it better.

If Paris is the city of love, New York is the city that promises your dreams will come true.

Everything about New York is just spectacular. Arguably Winter would be the perfect season to visit the city, but Autumn New York has its charm too. Just think about it: the perfect weather to be out and about!

New York Fashion Week. If you love Fashion, you’d be happy to find out that you can even buy a ticket to NFW for the open to the public shows. Imagine a beautiful day full of glitz and glam where you can dress just like you walked out of Gossip Girl!

On the flip side, if you like long walks and hikes, the Pelham Bay Park is the right spot for you! Located in The Bronx, this park will enchant you with forests, woodlands, islands, and will give you a chance to enjoy a beautiful Autumn walk.

If you live in Europe, you’re probably going to want to experience the true American Halloween. Choose to be in New York during Halloween and attend New York’s 48th Annual Village Halloween Parade, go to a themed party and have candy ready for trick or treaters – it will be an unforgettable experience for sure.

3. Florence

If you’re looking for the most romantic places to visit, Florence should be your number one place. You’ll not only find romance, but some of the most important events in Europe, great museums and one of a kind landscapes.

The main reason why you should book a flight to Florence in Autumn is the quietness of the city. You’ll finally enjoy Florence’s beauty without all the tourists.

Everyone knows how delicious the Italian cuisine is. But, have you experienced Italian food during Autumn? I mean, it’s a magical experience. Many food festivals are held in Florence during this season. Choose one and enjoy cooking workshops, traditional dishes and last but not least, Tuscan wine!

Many jazz pubs open during Autumn in Italy. Spend one of your evenings in a jazz pub and enjoy some great music.

This might be quite unusual for some, but in 2022, Fortezza da Basso will host the annual Florence Tattoo Convention. Over a hundred of well known tattoo artists will present their beautiful designs and if you have any questions, they will for sure be more than happy to answer them.

4. Hannover

Hannover will be the perfect destination for you if you love parks, beautiful architecture and shopping. I do my best shopping there – the city centre is a gem!

The old town is perfect for a Autumn stroll, so that when you get tired you can stop for a Pretzel and some cocktails!

When the outdoors are getting a little bit too much, you can try some indoors activities. For example, there is an amazing Sea Life that you simply can not miss. You’ll get to see over 2,500 animals from over 160 species.

If you’re looking to do something more unique, you can try to catch one day of the International Fireworks Competition. Next year, it starts in May and it finishes on Sept 17.

5. Barcelona

Oh, Spain! How could you not love Spain? From the music, the romantic atmosphere, the colours and the people, Barcelona is a must visit! The colourful buildings will create an amazing contrast with the nature’s colours during Autumn.

Barcelona is a beautiful city to visit any time of the year. However, in Autumn there are lots of festivals and the weather is great for exploring the outdoors and visiting museums.

From September until the end of November, you can enjoy a concert at the International Jazz Festival. It’s amazing how this city unites people from all over the world with good music and shows.

If a music event is not that appealing to you, from Oct 23 to Oct 24 go to the Architecture Festival – 24h Open House Barcelona. You’ll be able to visit amazing architectural buildings that are not open to the public usually.

End your trip with a delicious picnic in the Ciutadella Park. Enjoy some local goodies and find your peace in the beautiful settings of the park.

All of these cities are unique and spectacular in their very own ways. Take some awesome pictures and tag me (@notagirlygal) so that I can also take part in your journey. Which city is on your bucket list?

Until next time,

Miss Andrada



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