Motivation is important because it gives us the drive to take action. Achieving a goal is a process. All the components of that process lead you to definite success.

The drive to go after what you desire comes from various reason. You want to start a business. You want to grow your mindset. Upskill a passion you have. These are reasons that come from within. The desire to self-development. It can come from material wishes as well. Or it can come from people. Having the motivation to be good at your job comes with a reward of a promotion, or increase in salary.

Motivation is a key factor of self-actualization

Firstly, from a psychological point of view, motivation can be found in the pyramid of human needs. By default, we have a need for reaching our full potential. We grow and find the highest meaning in life by attending to things beyond the self.

Secondly, the interesting part is that sometimes we lack motivation. The lack of drive can come from thinking that we will never get there. Or even believing the timing is not right. Or to put it simply, we just think we can’t accomplish our goals. However, we might not set goals that are aligned with what we want to achieve.

Thirdly, motivation is behind every action taken. People with drive and desire have changed the life around them. In fact, they created mobile phones, so we can keep up with family easily. They created means of transportation to get us to certain destinations and meet beautiful people.

Basically, motivation has solved so many problems and created comfort in our lives.

Furthermore, motivation is important in claryfying a goal. It makes you learn perseverence, inspires others and increases self-confidence.

Motivation is the main factor that turns a thought into action. Here are a few of my favourite ways to get my motivation back on track, along with a FREE Cheatsheet.

You find your energy

Redesign your way of working and pushing through. Find things that give you pleasure, and boost your energy. Even if those things are listening to music, you can turn the volume up when listening to your favorite playlist. You need mood bosters to help you get your mojo and push through it.

Practice gratitude | Motivation

Next is having gratitude every day. To look at things in perspective. Saying thank you for all the things you accomplished until now. Reflect on the positive outcomes in your life after motivation took over. Think of the things you are happy about and thankful.

Have a support system

However, having a support system is crucial when you want to turn your life around. For example,when having the drive to go after your dreams it’s nice to have that external push. The people around you are important and can help you through challenges and that care for your well-being.

Make it fun

Find a fun way to keep motivated. Make a mood board of things that inspire you, and motivate you to keep chasing your goals. Add funny photos of people, things, memes and funny quotes.

Additionaly to all of this, be nice to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up if one day you don’t have the drive force you had yesterday. It’s just a day. It will not stop you from achieving your goals. Stay focused and believe you will get there. You have to accept the days you don’t feel as motivated, and trust that tommorrow will be better.

Finally, you also need to give yourself a pat on the back once in a while. Acknowledge the power you have and that you can make everything you set your mind to a reality. Keep pushing through and sorround yourself with supporting people and believe in yourself.

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