Social Media can be both a fun community to be part of, but also a pain sometimes. I feel that there is a lot of negativity going on at the moment or boasting for getting compliments. Feeling the same thing? Let’s see exactly why you SHOULDN’T care about it and how you can still enjoy social media in 2018!

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How to enjoy social media in 2018

Don’t be influenced by negativity

As I said, there is a lot of negativity going on on social, especially on Twitter. It’s a common fact that people use Twitter to complain about their lives or brands that have miserably failed in their eyes. When I first read these types of tweets I roll my eyes. Then, I understand why people do it. They need compassion and want others to ‘suffer’ with them – at least they’re not the only ones. They want everyone to hate Mondays, to blame KFC for their advertising techniques and people to tell them that it’s OK to have a bad day, that it’s OK to procrastinate and to do nothing with their lives.  Well, it’s NOT OK to expect others to join your boat and clap while you walk for nothing. Instead of making people change and progress, this negativity has opposite effects.

I’ll call Twitter the Yes Man of all social channels because this is what they made out of it. It’s negative, but don’t let it affect you. Be the one example to change the Twitter game. While others complain, you wish them a good day. While others hate Mondays, post a picture of your morning coffee with an empowering message (if you’re genuine). It’s about being yourself in a place where the trend is super negative. Don’t feel you need to follow the vibe to fit in. You’ll find your niche audience who will listen to you and be happy to receive your tweets everyday. You will feel happier too!

Be confident

You have to be confident about yourself and about the content you post out there. Everyone is unique and has something cool about themselves. Find your thing and do just that!

Be unique

Take inspiration from the people you admire but do not copy someone else’s style or pictures as social media is not about everyone having the same content, but about expressing your personality to create an audience for yourself / meet people alike. It’s easy to enjoy something that comes natural to you. Feeling under pressure to look or act in a certain way is not healthy and for sure not the point of social media. Be yourself and you will feel better about everything you do.

It’s not about the number of followers / likes     

Accept the fact that people unfollow on Instagram; it’s a fact and people keep on wondering why. Users can unfollow because they want to boost their profile (don’t ask me why) or they don’t find the posts they get on their newsfeed useful for them. That’s fine because you will have a genuine audience in the end of the day. Don’t get obsessed about the number of followers you’ve got on social. Interacting will other users, although it takes a lot of time will pay off. It’s also fun! I have met a couple of new bloggers on Twitter in just one hour in the evening 🙂 And yeah – that disengagement thingy you get on Instagram now? Everyone is dealing with it now because of Instagram’s algorithms; we can only support each other by commenting on pictures and being more active.

Enjoy your growth journey

Have you ever looked back at your accounts and noticed a great improvement in your content since you first started? It human nature to evolve on every level and it’s amazing when things like these happen. Seeing your growth has to make you happy, so enjoy it! It’s a journey that you signed up for (see what I did there?) and it will make you discover yourself.

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