Did anyone say Women Empowerment? I’ve written this article for all the women out there who want to improve their self-discipline and go after their GOALS!

Self-discipline is key in achieving any task, so I felt the need to share my best and most effective simple habits for you to improve it.

Firstly, there are some days when you might feel incredibly dissatisfied because you couldn’t finish even half of the chores you had planned out. And that’s OK. To be honest, we we all go through this once in a while, you just have to keep up with your greatest goals and don’t let it become a habit. Therefore, considering how important women empowerment is for me, I’m here to shout from the rooftops: YOU’VE GOT THIS, GIRL!

I truly believe that with good self-discipline you can do anything you plan in life. It’s about knowing how to control your actions, feelings and emotions and the ability to stick to your plans. An improved self discipline positively impacts your state of mind and your well-being, helping with your motivation and productivity.

I’m telling you this from my own experience, the best way to overcome your obstacles is to improve your self-discipline, and these are my best 7 habits that you definitely have to try:

1. Create an inspiring vision board

While I enjoyed a talk with my besties on how to improve women empowerment I discovered this amazing exercise. Putting your objectives wherever you can see them first thing in the morning and last thing at night can help you stay motivated and inspired to wake up and do the things you need to do to achieve your highest ambitions. You simply need to print some photographs that reflect what you want to be, achieve, and obtain, such as a car, a job, or job title. Also, sprinkle in some quotes to keep you on track 😉

2. Practice prioritisation of tasks

When you have to do some things that put you off, you should better do those things first! You’ll feel more relieved and satisfied at the end of the day, I promise you!

Planning your days and determining which tasks are worth allocating the most work to can help you be more productive and effective throughout the day and less prone to postpone things. I also love the 80-20 rule which makes you put 20% effort into something that will bring you 80% results. Organise your daily tasks by date and time on Sunday evenings – it will also help you sleep better knowing that you’ll know exactly what you have to do on a Monday morning.

3. Your diet is important!

Make sure you’re fuelled throughout the day with nutritious snacks and meals every few hours. Eating frequently aids with blood sugar control and it also boosts your concentration and decision-making abilities. In the same time, try to stay away from snacking on crisps or chocolate – they’ll make you feel more sleepy and more likely to procrastinate.

4. Embrace the ‘wrong’

Developing self-discipline requires a departure from your usual pattern, which can be frightening and strange. It will feel wrong to quit a habit and begin a fresh one. Your brain will fight the change because it is trained to do so. What’s the remedy? Accept the unfavourable. Remember that women empowerment exits and that you’ll be accredited by all your besties out there.

5. Reward your efforts

Self-discipline does not imply that your new life must be completely demanding. In fact, denying yourself empathy frequently leads to disappointments and reverting to old habits. Schedule specific breaks, snacks, and prizes for yourself while practicing self-control. Are you on a diet? Saturday can be designated as ice cream sundae day. Are you trying to lose weight? After a month of hard work and gym visits, reward yourself with a massage. Are you trying to save some money? On Sunday, treat yourself to a day at the mall. Self-discipline can be difficult. Reward yourself for your efforts!

6. Don’t get tempted

“Out of sight, out of mind.”Right?

When attempting to increase your self-discipline, removing all temptations and distractions from your environment is a critical first step. If you want to be more in control of your eating, stay away from junk food. Turn off your phone and clean up your desk if you want to boost your focus while working. Get rid of the negative influences in your life to set yourself up for success.

7. Learn how to forgive yourself

It might be difficult to adapt to a new way of life. Remember that things don’t always go as planned, not just physically, but also mentally.

You’ll experience peaks, tremendous successes and utter failures. The most important thing is to keep trying. Accept responsibility for your failure and move on. It’s easy to get caught up in feelings of guilt, rage, or irritation, but these feelings will not aid in the development or improvement of self-control.

Alternatively, see the flaws in your approach as opportunities to improve your strategy in the future. Pardon yourself and return to the game as quickly as possible. It’s more difficult to get back on track the longer you’ve been off your game.

As I mentioned previously, self-discipline is incredibly complicated and essential to cultivate and grow because it involves deciding to change various aspects of your life and getting yourself up when you stumble. You’ll surely reach your true potential with enough time, dedication, and persistence.

Until next time,

Miss Andrada



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