It’s time for some more women empowerment! You find it hard to chose the perfect swimsuit? Well, I’ve come with a the perfect solution: ideas of swimsuits for every body type. I believe everyone’s seen those perfect bikini pictures on Instagram. Let’s get you ready for a fashionable Summer! Also , if you feel like needing other Summer tips and tricks you can now check my latest women empowerment articles .

Continue reading for some inspo and get ready for your next holiday! Just imagine yourself sipping a Martini by the pool and looking flawless!

1. Triangle Shape

Usually, if you have a triangle shape body type, your chest is smaller and your hips are wide. Therefore, you can look for something with a bit of coverage on the top. For example, bows and prints can create the illusion of a bigger chest. Also, you can go for bra tops or push up. Remember that your body is perfect the way it is. If you have a smaller chest, embrace it! The bandeau tops look amazing on you!

You can go for this amazing set from SwimSociety. The shape of the top won’t highlight your smaller chest. Moreover, the bikini is really flattering. Your hips will look amazing due to its V shape.

Also, the Gia bikini set from noire_swimwear is perfect for a small chest. The top will flatter your body shape and these bikinis are such a trend this year.

2. Inverted triangle shape

If your upper body is larger than your lower body, you probably have an inverted triangle body shape. There are so many swimsuits that will flatter you, maybe you just didn’t realise it yet. However, you can go for a bikini with ruffles for example. It will give the illusion of a bigger lower body. Add volume to your hips with the right bikinis and chose a simple top.

For instance, a Brazilian bikini is always welcomed for an inverted triangle body shape. A Brazilian bikini will make your behind look more toned. This haute_swimwear set really does the job.

However, if you are looking for a swimsuit, you can also check infsd.swimwear . This swimsuit, will not only accentuate your beautiful chest, but will also give the illusion of wider hips.

3. Rectangle shape

If you have a rectangle shaped body, the high waisted bottoms will do wonders for you. Making your waist look tinier and your hips wider, these bottoms will help you achieve the perfect Summer fit!

You can try this set from noire_swimwear. It’s not only extremely fashionable, but the bottoms and top will do the work for your rectangle shaped body.

However, if what you are looking for is a swimsuit, noire_swimwear also has an alternative. The belt on this swimsuit will also help you achieve the same illusion of a tinier waist and a wide lower body.

4. Hourglass shape

If your upper body is almost the same size as your lower body and your waist is tinnier, you have a hourglass body shape. Therefore, you have many options to chose from.

Considering your body shape, you can wear the basic bikini and top set without worrying. For instance, this SwimSociety set is a perfect example.

However, if you’re looking for a swimsuit. You can also chose something with details such a belt. This type of swimwear will accentuate your waist and will make your body shape look enchanting.

5. Diamond shape

If you have a diamond shaped body, you can emphasise on the chest in order to draw the attention from the belly. There are so many options. Remember to love your body the way it is and if you ever feel down, you can just check my other women empowerment articles! All bodies are perfect!

If you’re going for a set, you can chose a top that draws attention. For example, this top from kalkstore has such an interesting shape. Another bonus point is the V shape. It will accentuate your chest, just like we wanted!

However, if you’re more into swimsuits this infsd.swimwear piece is amazing. The V neck is perfect for your body shape and the little black line will make your waist look smaller in no time!

6. Rounded shape

If you have a rounded shape body, balconette bras and high waisted bikinis will be your ally. There are so many options you can try. Also, you can chose any colour or print you like without worrying.

If you are looking for the balconette top and high waisted bikinis set, you can try this beautiful pieces from SwimSociety.

However, if you want more coverage, you can consider trying a swimsuit that hides the belly and accentuates your beautiful curves. You can never go wrong with a little belt! This piece from SwimSociety is the perfect example.

All things considered, I believe every single body shape looks amazing if you know how to dress properly! Emphasise on your beautiful curves and chose the perfect swimsuits for this Summer! If you have other examples, feel free to DM me on my Instagram account (@notagirlygal ). And don’t forget: women empowerment is the key!

Until next time,

Miss Andrada



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